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(Ok I just realized how that sounds.  But I stand by it!) 

I’m sitting here watching the CBS Early Show and their Chef on a Shoestring.  They’re cooking a budget (and I use the term loosely…hell for that matter so do they) meal for $40.  Since when is a budget dinner $40???  $10, yeah that’s a budget dinner, but not $40!  Heck for about $16 a family of four can buy a McD’s crap fest.  I’ll grant that the chef’s dinner was macrobiotic and vegetarian and included dessert, but I think most of us who actually know what a budget IS know that we can have a healthy dinner for far less than that.   

As a vegetarian, I can make a decent dinner for four for around $15 (chik’n parmesan with whole wheat spaghetti, garlic bread, and juice turned sherbet) add another $7 and you can have a respectable green salad with it!  It may be “junk food vegetarian” compared to a macrobiotic diet, but compared to the average American diet, it’s a well-balanced and very good for you option.  Not that we get all that for one dinner in this house!  We don’t bother to make dessert for every meal (who does?), and a salad is a meal here not salad and dinner.  It simply isn’t in our budget to have both.  The chef’s dinner would feed us for two evenings (and M. eats like he’s 3 people!).   

What does it say about the media and society as a whole that the Hillbilly Housewife feeds a family of four for a WEEK on almost the same amount of money that a morning show calls a budget meal (even her meals have been raised from $40 to $45 due to cost increases since the gas price hikes)?   

It says that the media is COMPLETELY out of touch with the everyday person and the struggles of families!  Are they even aware that when the government gives out food stamps they grant an average of $70 per person for each MONTH!?!  That’s right a MONTH.  Not a day or even a week!  At that rate, a family of four could have seven (that’s right SEVEN) so-called shoestring meals or EIGHTEEN of my balanced vegetarian meals.  And neither of these would last the month or feed that family all day long.  If the politicians stopped watching tv long enough to look into the eyes of the people slugging it out in the trenches, the world would be a much better place! 


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