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Dawn this morning (ok 8:30am) found me wide awake and ready to finish the clearing away of the overgrown weed patch surrounding our garden.  M. took some convincing and only gave in when I threatened to turn the electric blanket on high and turn him into a meatloaf.  M. returns to school at the end of this week and one of my loftier goals for his vacation was to clear the entire property of the remains of Hurricane Rita (circa 2005) including one entirely destroyed bedroom and two large fallen trees.  And today after a couple of hours of hard slog we’ve pretty much made it!  M.’s impressed me several times over this project by moving 300lb. tree trunks and by actually feeling a sense of pride in his work (in other words, he’s been showing off his guns and talking about how ‘he da man’).   

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of doing back-breaking work alongside your man, it can make you go a little googoogaga.  In my case, that translated into a long, passionate, impromptu kiss in the kitchen after he not only took an axe to one of the trees but also made me a cup of tea (even though he was really tired).  A little while later, after said tea and a walk outside to check out our work, this culminated in (ahem) advanced cuddling, and M. went all ‘you are my life, my love, my everything.’  He does that sometimes, and frankly, it kills my buzz.  I guess I should be all girly and say how it makes me melt, but it really just makes me want to test his estrogen levels.   

As it turns out that was the highlight of our day, and we should have stayed in bed until May.  Instead I got up and checked out our bank account only to learn that the VA stiffed him by almost $800 on his GI Bill this month which means that somehow we have to make $367 last a month.  Unfortunately, M.’s school bill is about $250, and if he doesn’t go to school, we get nothing next month.  In other words, just go ahead and grab your ankles.   

Oddly enough, I haven’t flipped out.  Usually, I’m the first one to scream and start cussing, but at some point, you are so completely reamed that there’s no longer any point in screaming.  M., however, took it really hard.  It pretty much reversed his manliness feelings stemming from the conquering of fallen trees.  Then he started his usual refrain of ‘I should just quit school and go to work’ which I then have to rain on by reminding him that his Army skills don’t equate to a decent paying job in the real world.  Hopefully, one of the two big checks that we’ve been waiting on for over a month will actually show up in the course of the next few weeks.  Otherwise, I guess I’ll go back to hooking! 

Ahhh…hooking…I’ve missed being pimped so…  


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