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Heath Ledger

Can I just say that I loved Heath Ledger the moment I saw him in Roar (the short-lived television series) and although the hand-lick incident in Brokeback, left me a little…nonplussed (I wanted to say it left a bad taste in my mouth but it’s too soon), I still felt that he was a great talent that was untapped for the most part.  Sad that he will never be able to reach that star and Matilda will have to grow up without a daddy.  😦

UPDATE: I was watching The Soup last night (we’re old and it’s the closest we come to hip…besides it’s right after Monk), and Joel was so nice about Heath.  I can hardly imagine a nicer compliment from the Soup than to say he was a nice guy who not once ended up on their show.  I almost cried.


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