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 One of the most ballyhooed spots on the U.S. map, the O.C., is now thinking about drinking its own sewage.  I don’t know whether to lament the fall of the environment or to giggle about the richy riches swallowing their own shit.  Tough call…   

I think Mischa Barton already started…just sayin’ I think she’s down with the swirl…   

And we are now rollin’ in bank!  Yippy!  Directv has hooked us back up cuz you know they love a cracka with some cash.  (Note to self: less TV1 & BET)  All is stable again though we’re still waiting on some checks (i.e.- no camera yet…yes those are tears on the keyboard).   

Today was a really long day because I decided to drop everyone off at work & school, wander Walmart, and go over to Rachel’s for some kiddie time while she did schoolwork.  I made many discoveries: (1) some awesome $1yd. fabric that is so adorably retro and a great kid pattern (below) and (2) a 5mos. old can fart so stinky that you think he’s pooped (I knew M. could do it; I just didn’t know guys could do it from birth.). 

Tomorrow night, Rachel’s having movie night for the girls.  So an entire evening without having to split up fights between M. & Pas over M.’s tiger slippers (Pas: they are yummy and I wish to eat them M: these are not toys Me:are you sure?they have faces then general scuffling breaks out)  Yay, me!



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