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Remember my lament that my beloved Fuji A600 camera died?  I so loved the pics from this camera that the other day when Tigerdirect.com had a refurbished version I put my fortune to good work (and by fortune, I mean the $105 I pried away from M.).  I got the camera and an additional 2 yr. warranty.  The minute I opened it the same glitch that had put my previous camera out of commission started all over.  I called up the service line (for a passable BJ you can get hold of a live person!) and a rather grumpy customer service person (and by grumpy I mean the other trolls under the bridge thought she could use some Preparation-H) tells me, “It’s a battery issue; we recommend Duracell PowerPix batteries.”  Always a good sport, I went out today and bought a set.   

Have you seen stupid today?  You have now!  Thank goodness I hadn’t thrown away my old A600 because that was precisely the problem!  Now I have two cameras!   

If only you could see my “yippy” dance! 

But, of course, I took my xD card out when I sent my first A600 out for service to precisioncamera.com (who wanted $120 to fix the camera which they would have been happy to do since it was still under warranty…if I hadn’t let M. hold onto the receipt…which is pretty much the same as throwing it down a rat hole in hopes that a beanstalk will shoot up…smell the fraud anyone?).  I remember very carefully putting the memory card away.  In fact, I put it away so carefully that now I can’t find it.  Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!   

Thanks to built in memory (5 pics at a time), I can still show you this…

What IS that???

Hmmm…me thinks it’s about time to shave someone’s fur pants… (Here’s hoping I never have to do that to my human children.  I couldn’t afford the psychiatric bills for either of us.)

For extra fun, Tina is working double shifts.  Thus, I am required to be on errand duty for the next week.  😦  I hate driving half the day only to stumble home and try to work in all my other activities.  Most of all I fear that this is where I will fall short.  Hopefully, this weekend I can find some time to check ya’ll out.  So don’t do anything cool until Friday!  Laters!  🙂 

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