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 But have you ever spent 2 solid hours trying to shave a dog????? 

His haircut comes out differently every time.  This time he got old man eyebrows!  Next time we’re going to aim for old man balls (bleach may be involved).  Trust me.  He looks so much better trimmed.   


Yesterday, we were planting about 100 bulbs in our bulb bed (gladiolas, crocus, iris, cannas, daffodils, windflowers, agapanthus, etc.), and Pascal decided he was jealous of me spending so much time in it.  Next thing you know, he started digging in the spots I had just planted (you know, just in case I had planted that Snausage tree he’s been begging for).  M. sprayed him with the water hose because getting sprayed with water is a very effective punishment for Pas (cruel up north but today it’s supposed to be like 73 degrees…so Pas actually enjoyed being cooler once he stopped staring at M. in total astonishment…like “what the hell was that? How dare you!?”).  For the rest of the day, he looked like we’d given him a Jehri Curl. 

Just in case you didn’t know, this haircut makes me a very bad poodle owner (I’d suggest a spanking…but that would be weird and shaving my dog’s butt makes me weird enough).  The simplest haircut a poodle is ever given is a “puppy cut” which means they are shaved close to the skin everywhere but their tails, head, and ears.  I hate Pascal’s Mohawk so I always shave it down, and I like his body hair a little longer.  He actually ends up looking almost like a cocker spaniel when I’m done.  Not that I’m trying to turn him into a cocker spaniel.  I just like him fluffy (makes for better cuddling…I loves me some fluffy butt…just ask M.).  And in case you’re here looking for poodle trimming tips, a man’s beard & mustache trimmer works well on the face and foot pads (I wonder how long it will take Davis to figure out I borrowed his?)  You’d think trying to drug him with Benadryl would be what makes me a bad dog owner (yes I did…mommy loves it…why shouldn’t he?..rather than making him sleepy and pliable…he just got really irritated and pissy with me).  But you can’t argue with results (pom pom ears…so cute)….  



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