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Just a quick posty, to tell ya’ll I took a hint from…well she knows who she is.  I signed up at feedburn.com and have added links to my sidebar for subscriptions (if you want a different service let me know they have most of the common ones).  If anyone tries it, do me a fave and let me know if they’re working.  I got it to work on my Yahoo page by using my feedburner address, but I had only signed up a few minutes before. 

Oh, and I’m still on treadmill madness and doing all driving for the next couple of days.  I’ll delurk as soon as possible and visit ya’ll.  Byes!

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We’re on our morning trip with NPR riding sidesaddle when I hear the oddest and what I assumed to be the rudest thing I’d hear all day:  

“I just got an award given to me by a Beatle. Have you had that happen yet, Kanye?” Vince Gill at Sunday’s Grammy Awards some time after Kanye West had gone over the time allotted his acceptance speech to talk about his recently deceased mother. 

WTF was that???  Are Gill and West in an East coast/West coast style feud or something?  Why would anyone make such a remark?  It seems a bit snarky to me even if Kanye did smile when Gill said it. 

I’ve mentioned Kanye West in humorous passing before which is very odd since I have no idea what he sings (I’m old and will defend my desire to sing along to Barry Mannilow to the death!).  It’s even odder that he seems to keep popping up on my radar.  Then again, maybe it’s not him.  Maybe it’s the rudeness that I keep running into. 

While at the big W (aka Walmart aka home of the shopping damned) this morning, I found it in the form of a nasty little woman.  I was in a relative hurry, and early in the morning there are almost no lines open at W.  Thus, I chose the 20-items-or-less line (usually I take my time and don’t really care how quickly I get out of the store but today Murphy’s Law kicked me in the nads).  And what did I find?  A rude woman…let’s call her…Bleach Dump or BD (for her WAY OVER PROCESSED blond hair and her attitude respectively).  BD proceeds to load about 40 items onto the counter; no big deal since it’s not unusual to have a cashier let you into this line if there’s no one waiting.  Then BD pulls out a credit card that’s in her bosses name to pay for the items, and granted, she was wearing a t-shirt with the name of her supposed employer’s business.  When the very nice cashier refused to accept the card without approval from her supervisor, BD got just plain SNOTTY.  “Ask for Soandso.  They all know me here.  I come in all the time.” She said loudly.  Then BD proceeds to complain that this particular cashier always does this to her and how she can’t stand her.  Meanwhile, I ignored her tirade (which I assume was some sort of whacked defense mechanism) as did the other lady in line.  I was insulted FOR the cashier!  Once she returned with manager approval, BD continued to be snotty and then walked around and picked up a Dr.Pepper to add to the total before she left.  The cashier immediately began apologizing and defending herself.  There was no need to do so!  Straight away, I told her that if BD is such a trusted employee they should get her a card in her name, and that I could make a t-shirt like she was wearing with no trouble at all.  There are scammers everywhere, and BD shouldn’t have taken it so personally. 

Rudeness has reached epidemic proportions and I’m just plain sick of it!  There’s something about being in a check-out line that makes people act like animals.  I’ve seen similar incidents at least twice a week in a variety of stores.  Where’s the ribbon for this cause?  Because everyone needs to be wearing it!

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