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I promised these snaps last week.  I thought that since Bossy is off on her fabu camping trip that I’d show ya’ll what passes for high livin’ round these parts.






It's got two of those pop-outs or as we like to call them wings.

It's got two of those pop-outs or as we like to call them wings.



Is that not FINE?  The only thing that would have made those pics better would have been to put Dave & Will in their hunting caps and pose them in front although the 1960’s ironing board out front is nice (apparently it came semi-furnished).  There’s also original orange shag carpeting, but I refuse to get close enough to zoom in for a pic.  It gives me the heebie-jeebies!  The tin-foil in the window is a nice touch. 


Will picked this up on one of his junk runs (i.e.- free from somebody who wanted it off their property).  Yeah, I know, he’ll pick up anything (and I’m not even talking about the variety of…err…ladies he’s run around with).  In all fairness, even I consider it a find.  You could put a grand into it and resell it for a fair bundle.  However, since Will is in charge of the renovations.  Yeah… I’m not going to hold my breath.  Instead, I’m just going to think how pretty it’s going to be with the Christmas lights on it…especially next August. 


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