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Brownie cupcakes with sprinkles!  Yum!

Brownie cupcakes with sprinkles! Yum!



Yesterday was my birthday.  It was a great day.  I got brownie cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles from Tina.  Then I got two extra special gifts: a car repair and electrical work. 



Tina's not such a bad sister...most of the time.


Tina’s not such a bad sister…most of the time.



Yep, the Breeze is on the fritz again.  This time it’s the transmission.  My heart stopped when I heard two mechanics arguing about what the problem is with it.  That cannot be a good sign.  It’s doing something that it did before, and that time (a few years back) it was a computer chip that cost about $300 to fix.  I’m praying it’s that.  The other option is something is terribly wrong with the transmission and the repair bill on that one would easily top $1k.  We’d have to take out a loan or give up and finance a new car.  I’d go for the loan despite the age of the Breeze just because I’d rather pay off a short term loan than get a crappy 5yr. loan on a newer car.  Naturally, I’d spent $200 having the transmission serviced a couple of months ago.  I knew when I did it that it would probably spell doom.  I try to be proactive and take care of the maintenance in an effort to keep that car on the road.  But, since the dealership changed the transmission fluid and filter, it’s lost fluid twice (no big spot on the ground…so I’m guessing that it’s losing it while we’re driving).  And, I have this nagging suspicion that they didn’t tighten something enough or didn’t get the filter seated properly (easy to do…the fuel filter had to be fixed 3 times because the mechanics couldn’t seat it correctly…never go to Midas in Leesville, La. especially if you’re a woman or in a bind…they charge 3 times the dealer rates and still don’t get the work right the first time).  I guess I’ll find out soon enough.


If that wasn’t enough, Mom’s electrical system is on its last legs.  Her house is over 30 yrs old, and it’s been held together with duct tape and prayers for as long as I can remember.  I do not look forward to running a new electrical system for that house even though it’s not that big.  Still, it may be time to pull a Ron.  😉


Not the greatest birthday on record all in all.  Before the car problems cropped up, M. was talking about taking me out, but now we daren’t spend a dime until we find out what’s up.  To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled with going anyhow.  I’m not really in the mood for pancakes and IHOP is M.’s answer to any “Where should we eat?” question.  I’d much rather have a new dye job and haircut (I am completely bored with this hair color…I chose it for it’s middle-of-the-road-ness so I wouldn’t have to keep dyeing my roots during the Clomid…but I want my big blond hair back!). 


As it is, I’ve hatched an evil plan to make me feel a bit happier about being on the backside of 30.  I usually dial down my age to 27 or 28.  And, yes!  I CAN pull it off!  It’s called moisturizing from the age of 15.  I moisturize like nun’s pray…at the drop of a hat and frequently on my knees while clutching a rosary.  But the first hints of crow’s feet are dawning.  It’s enough to scare me into using that microdermabrasion kit once in a while.  Then it occurred to me, instead of easily passing for my 20’s, why not up the ante?  So from now on, I’m claiming to be 46!  I figure by adding a decade, I’ll be the foxiest Red Hatter to ever join the Red Hat Society.  Big blond hair lost in a sea of red and purple feather boas…I should fit right in with the rest of the broads!



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