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Yesterday was a GREAT DAY!  It’s been a really long, long time since I had a great day.  It was so nice to be able to be both relaxed and productive simultaneously.


First, I got rid of M. for several hours while he went to his school to arrange for his LAST semester.  WOOT!  Unfortunately, he got talked into taking 4 credit hours extra despite the fact that he’s going to miss almost two months of school due to Army obligations (i.e. trips to Japan and a school for sergeants).  Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me, but what do I know (insert giant eye roll)?  And, he’s still thinking about working on top of all of this.  Obviously, I don’t give him enough to do around the house in spite of my mother’s disapproving looks when I tell her he’s home washing dishes (Mom- Do you ever wash dishes anymore?  Me- Not unless he’s gone more than 2 days.  I often have to defend my decision to give him chores…he only goes to school 3 hrs a day…the vast majority of his time is spent making sure the couch doesn’t float away…I think he’ll live…when he goes to work, I’ll gladly return to my June Cleaver ways…he daydreams about those days). 


While M. was gone I managed to get two days worth of my school work done (coincidence? I think not) before getting a panic inducing message about the car.  The night before, the mechanic told us we’d need a new transmission, and Will had worked one of his back room deals to get us one for $400 (meaning our total bill would have been somewhere around $700…just barely doable).  Yesterday morning, the mechanic called and said he was checking it out again and to call him before we bought the other transmission.  When I called him back, he told me it was fixed and the bill was just $150!  WOOT, again!  It turned out that the filter was clogged.  If it hadn’t been so cheap to fix, I’d have been really pissed because when I had the transmission serviced at the dealer they were supposed to replace the filter.  SOBs!


Happily solvent again, I picked up the car and went into town to pick M. up at school.  He and I went to DeRidder to see if the Sears there had an electric weed trimmer (M. killed mine the other day, but it was 5yrs old…I highly recommend the electric Craftsman weed trimmer with the hassle free line), and to get groceries.  I’ve decided to do a combo version of the Fit for Life diet and the Somersize diet (I think it’s pretty close to the South Beach one too…but I couldn’t find enough info on the South Beach diet to be sure) where we have fruit for breakfast, a veggie/carb/bean meal (fat free only…most likely a veggie sandwich or a Mexican flavored burrito) for lunch, and a veggie/meat/cheese/fat meal at dinner (no bread or other carbs).  The result is almost no processed foods (we bought bread because I just don’t have the time right now to bake my own) and a very unhappy M. this morning.  Again, he’ll live.  We’re not trying to lose any weight right now, just clear out our systems.


Then I did something positively out of character.  On a whim, I walked into the Walmart there and got myself a $15 haircut without carrying in so much as a picture.  Calm down and breathe.  lol  It actually came out rather well.  I picked something from a book, and the stylist did a pretty great job at recreating it  (I promise to put up a pic in a couple of days…I bought hair dye too and I’m debating about going ahead with it).  Usually, I pick a celebrity and get that hairstyle (Marilyn Monroe or Tiffany Amber Thiessen…in other words a short layer cut or a long layer cut…not the hardest or most original cuts to do, but they work with my soft curls).  This time it came out a little differently, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it reminded me of.  Then I stepped in front of the bathroom mirror last night and it hit me.  I have Flashdance hair!  All I need is a bucket of water thrown over my head.  It is tres sexy!


I was in such a good mood that I hit shuffle on my Radio Honeywine playlist on the Windows Media Player.  In an uncharacteristically spontaneous act (well, uncharacteristic of the past year), M. got off the couch and we did a home version of Prom 2008 to “our song” (Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do I Do It For You”).  Yep, it was a pretty awesome day.

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