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Alexandria's Gustav Damage


Hallelujah!  Let there be light!  And internet and tv and air conditioning, for that matter!






Yep, Honeywine is back in business!  Unfortunately, some of our neighbors were not so lucky.  An elderly couple down the road had a tree come down on one end of their trailer (lest you think this place is a trailer park…there are only 3 here including mine and theirs, and we’re all spaced over 1000 feet apart…I have a theory that tornados are attracted to trailers when they are spaced closely together because of the creation of magnetic fields…I know that when the next door neighbors had a trailer next door to mine we had several tornado close calls!).  They weren’t hurt, but they are both retired and the husband isn’t in great health.  I don’t know how they are going to afford to rebuild.  Their trailer is newer than mine by about a decade, but it is much smaller (theirs is a 12’x65’ and mine is a 14’x80’).  So, they don’t even have the options that we had when a tree came down on one bedroom during Hurricane Rita (we debated about not rebuilding the room and just ripping it off and having a porch there…good thing we rebuilt it or Ginger wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep!).  We are lucky that we were on the edge of the worst of Gustav.


The Alexandria/Pineville area is like a war zone from what we were hearing on the radio (according to the Weather Channel, Jigger, La. took over 20 inches of rain…I have never heard of Jigger…it must be as small as LaCamp where I live!).  Most of Rapides Parish and even a fair amount of the city of Alexandria were without power yesterday.  There was a shanty town of tents being thrown up to accommodate the power workers.  The sewage pumps were not in service.  There’s substantial flooding.  Power lines are still down in that area (I posted yesterday from Brian’s house in Simpson, and Tina and I had to cross downed power lines to get there…but on our way back, there was a crew and 6 trucks repairing it…they got there before they got to us and it took about 5 hours in total to do just those 2 repairs).  It’s pretty bad there, and there’s nearly no news coming out even though the newspaper and at least one television and one radio station were running.  I am saddened and somewhat shocked that there are absolutely no major networks covering the situation despite the fact that much of Louisiana has been declared a disaster area.  Yes, I know there’s a Republican convention going on, but maybe we could take some time away from debating what the nominees are wearing (I’m lookin’ at you Kathy Lee and Diane Sawyer) to cover people living in their own filth and wondering how they are going to get help. 


On an even more gut-wrenching note, M. had a pretty rough day yesterday.  Without getting into too many details, a young man in their group has suffered a serious psychosis.  A higher ranking officer noticed the illness before it was too late, thankfully.  M. walked the young man through Tulane hospital’s psychiatric process (he was under heavy sedation when M. left him…hopefully, he will get all the help he needs), and I think it was the first time M. had seen mental illness up close.  I don’t know if it’s changed him in any way, but I know it’s left him wondering how so many of his fellow soldiers manage to hold on to reality when their world is in constant danger.  I’m glad that he will have something else to worry about today as he installs an antennae system for the New Orleans Police Department.


That’s the final update for us concerning Gustav (if you head over to CNN’s IReport.com, under Gustav, you can see a pic of main street Magnolia, MS where my Dad lives though…I’d post it here, but the dial-up would take forever to find it and this post wouldn’t be finished until tomorrow!).  Thank goodness.  Today, I’m continuing cleaning up the house especially the remaining fridge that has defrosted leaving chunks of ice laying around (if only I had waited until now to defrost the other one!).  And, catching up with all of you!  🙂  I am so glad to be able to get back to blogging again!  🙂

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