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M. called last night to tell me that they finally gave them a release date.  It’s September 15th!  He’s going to miss our anniversary AND his birthday.  Not to mention, that he won’t get paid for this for a while yet.  😦  Unfortunately, he picked the wrong time to call.




Last night, I did dumbass thing #69 of this month.  Pascal plays on our bed for an hour before his bedtime every night, and when he does, I put a cheap blanket down over it to protect our bedspread.  Last night, I threw the blanket up in the air and took out our glass ceiling light shade.  It was super thin and broke into 3 major pieces with lots of microscopic shards.  That wasn’t so much the problem as the hunk of skin it took off of my arm.  Now, I know just what the muscles in my forearm look like.  FYI: It’s like raw dark meat chicken without the skin.  Hey, the title should have warned you!  At first I thought, it had just slit the skin and that Tina and I’d pull it back together.  Tina just went, “Eeewww.” So I started trying to push the skin back together when I realized that a chunk of it about the size of third of a dime is missing.  We haven’t found the tin, and we haven’t found the skin.  I have no idea what a doctor would do in this situation, and since I haven’t any medical coverage or money at the moment and the free clinic in Pineville is out of service because of the hurricane, I did what any twenty-first century hillbilly would do.  I put some Neosporin on it and a bandage.  Unfortunately, my camera was at Mom’s or I could have really grossed you out! 


Oh, and:


Sore boobs + another negative pregnancy test + uncharacteristic mini crying jags over the end of the Montel Williams show = one nutso Honeywine!


My brain has officially turned to mush over the weirdness of my body this month.  I won’t say that I’ve had nausea (ok, I’ve had very slight nausea the way you would when you haven’t eaten in a while, but I’ve been eating).  I will say that things “down there” seem peculiar.  But, until I get something more concrete I’m going to assume 2 things: 


1) I probably don’t have an ovarian cyst because that wouldn’t cause sore boobs.  At least, I hope not. 


2) I’m going to follow my policy of trusting the home pregnancy test until there are symptoms that cannot be ignored.  Sore boobs could be from anything.  Ok, so the crying thing is really strange, but it means nothing. 


I think that was just enough crazy for one day.  Don’t you?

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