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Fair button 2007

Fair button 2007


I am so exhausted today after shopping all day and paying  bills.  Actually, it’s the second day I’ve been exhausted.  Yesterday, I literally took a NAP…in the middle of the day…with bright sunshine in my face.  I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal for most people, but I take about 5 naps a YEAR usually on days that are dark and stormy.  But, yesterday I could not keep my eyes open and today has been a real struggle to stay upright.  You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t see ya’ll or comment until tomorrow (Kat, I swear I haven’t forgotten your meme….Thursday is all yours!)

However, I’m trying to get up some energy because today is our 3rd anniversary.  It’s a miracle that nobody’s been maimed (well unless you count my arm…Wordless Wednesday tomorrow…you have been warned!).  I’m going to retire to the budoir with the sweetest strawberries I have found all year.  Then, I’m going to call my husband while he’s on duty and talk dirty to him while he is completely helpless to do anything about it!   MUWHAHAHAH!!!!

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