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Well, actually he’s more of a d**k to me right now.  Remember the pieces of tin that were hanging on for dear life?  One of them has been turned into origami and my closet has an unintended skylight!  I’m not making it to work today for I shall be trying to keep the buckets empty!  Still have electricity but it’s flickering. 


If you have Directv, look at channel 361 for local Houston coverage.  I really wish Gigi had gotten out of town.  It looks pretty bad.  Ike actually gained strength when he hit ground! 


TTYL!  I hope!


*UPDATE*  We came out fine.  I had Will and Dave on the roof in the middle of the rain nailing the tin back into place.  The real problem now is the rain.  Part of our road is washed out and we have a large line of thunderstorms heading for us.  I’m going to head home now (I’m at work), and hopefully, there will still be electricity and internet (big storms don’t always knock out our phone lines but I guess they block the dial up lines between here and the main junctions…I’ve noticed that if it storms between here and Dallas we lose internet).  I didn’t make it to work yesterday because of the wind and rain, but I kept in touch with Brian and they lost power for several hours.  I better get hopping!  Thanks ya’ll!

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