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Trailer Trash!



What do 2 rednecks and a trailer have to do with blogging?  They are mortal enemies!  Especially when Dave and Will decide to back the trailer over my telephone connection box!  They pretty much put my phone out of commission for almost 2 days, but I’m back.  So let’s play catch up (since for once things were interesting around here)!


First, Joe is still talking to me “as a friend”.  DON’T…say it!  I know and Tina has already been saying everything you just said.  I can’t tell if he really needs someone to talk to or if he thinks he smells blood in the water.  What I do know is he’s messing with my beauty sleep.  I just realized that this morning when I woke at 4am yet again.  Joe works a swing shift which is all nights except for about 5 days of dayshift.  Back in the day, I noticed that I was waking up on those days at the same time he got up for work.  In fact, I got so used to it that I’d roll over in bed and moan, “Go to work Joe and stop waking me up” before I went back to sleep (no…he wasn’t in bed with me…he was many, many miles away).  When it hit me this morning that I had been waking up at the same time he was waking up for work, Tina just groaned, “You better be careful with that; ya’ll get way TOO connected.”  Well, DUH!


Now that that’s out of the way…


Tina had work training on Friday and was told that they had hired a new person to work with her at Brian’s.  So, I’m out of a job (I was working under the table because Tina has been doing 7 days a week for a year now while they looked for someone for the second shift of days).  Or, so I thought.  When I went into work on Saturday and told Brian, he FLIPPED OUT!  Now, Brian and Tina are insisting I apply formally for the job.  So, I am.  I liked it better the other way though because I had no real responsibility.  Now Brian’s going to be a slave driver!  (hence the last minute meatloaf request from the other post)


Yesterday afternoon, Tina was just about to get off work when Brian decided he wanted to go to Alexandria.  Tina, Brian, his brother Jon, and I were supposed to do that Sunday, but Brian was too tired.  So, instead of picking Tina up from work, they picked me up.  I’d say we had a pretty good time on our “double date” (don’t you dare say it, Ginger!  they don’t need to know how un-PC I am even if Brian IS down with it!  lol).  Brian only threatened to throw me out of the truck 4 or 5 times.  Of course, one of those was for threatening to buy him some Ron Popeil “Hair in a Can”.  Then Jon chimed in with the idea of donor hair plugs and I suggested we use them to spell words on his skull or make his head the barrel with Donkey Kong jumping over his head.   Then there was talk of some nice Korean real, human hair extensions…Ok, that was me again!  Yeah, we pretty much joked and picked on each other the entire time.  Unfortunately for Brian, with Jon and me, it ended up as 2 against 1 (although I also christened Jon, Man-gina, because he was constantly getting calls from different women while we were out…Tina and I kept talking sexy in the background…he’s gonna have some ‘splainin’ to do!)!  But as I keep reminding Brian, he misses me when I’m gone…because…you know…I am DELIGHTFUL.  Even if I do occasionally suggest that we put strings on his feet and reenact “A Chorus Line.”  😉


So who have ya’ll been picking on lately?  Spill!




P.S.- I also got some awesome sunglasses with chrome pin-striping!  So, hot!  And, I totally brained myself getting into the truck.  The hemorrhage is slowly crushing my senses as we speak.  Yep, I hit it that hard!  It’s still hurting today!  Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, because M.’s home, I’m back to being an afternoon blogger.  😦  I’m catching up with ya’ll though!


Icon brand from Burlington Coat Factory

Icon brand from Burlington Coat Factory



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