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How far would you drive for a booty call???


Jon, Brian’s brother, has a lady friend visiting.  Not an amazing or unusual occurrence from what I understand.  She seems perfectly normal from what I’ve seen, average and all.  But here’s the rub, she drove a REALLY LONG way for this booty call…like over half a state.  Admittedly, it’s lasted a couple of days, but uh…yeah…  I can’t help but think, “Is this desperate?”  (btw, I totally felt like Carrie Bradshaw right then) 


Maybe I’m old-fashioned…ok, I AM old-fashioned, but I’ve never been the caller, only the callee (MS Word says I’m a dumbass, but I’m claiming “callee”).  The furthest I’ve driven for a guy was M. and that was just to town where I was headed anyway.  Of course, I’m used to men driving pretty significant distances for me.  Joe drove about an hour each way.  Richard (pronounced ree-shard…Cajun, ya know) drove for about 3 hours, but in all fairness I was his dream girl…heck I was his porn come to life (mind you, it was shall we say…niche porn)!  But, I’m acquainted with booty call traffic, and I’ve never felt the need to drive in it. 


I can’t help but wonder what’s going through the mind of the caller when they drive that far.  Is it, “Now, she has to put out”?  Is this the case for the female callers too?  Sadly, for my men, I was strictly a “third date” girl unless you were iffy and then you were a “fifth date maybe” (I’m very fair and like to give men more than one shot at an impression…not everyone does the first date well or the second for that matter).  Because I dated online A LOT (I live in the boonies people! and I never was a bar person), I’m well aware that many people who date online feel that they “know” the person before they ever get to the door and the simple truth is I’d say most first dates that start out online end up in bed.  Or, at least that’s the line the men gave me, and I also remember Joe telling me I had screwed up his batting average.  It was also something that set me apart besides my fabulousness (I treated every date like it was a night out in Manhattan and not just pizza and a movie on the sofa).  So maybe I’m not completely getting the booty call concept. 


Yesterday, Joe told me about getting bored one night and driving to Iowa for a booty call with some woman he met online!  To IOWA…from LOUISIANA.  He called that “getting crazy”.  Uh, ya think, buddy?  That’s got to be pretty high on the desperate scale.  I mean, if I were chatting with some guy in Iowa one night and he showed up on my doorstep the next morning, I’d call the freakin’ cops.  Somebody would be leaving in an ambulance and I’d do my damnedest to make sure it wasn’t me!


But maybe that’s just me.  How far would you go for a booty call?  With whom?  Did you go through with it or are you just hoping to?  DISH!



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