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What’s wrong with that?  Plenty.  I know what you’re thinking, “Total drama queen isn’t even happy when she’s HAPPY!” 


It’s never easy here in the Ghetto Trailer.  Never.  There always seems to be something waiting in the shadows to turn my life to crap.  Want to guess what that something was?  Yeah, it’s not the hardest game to win. 


M. knows about my talks with Joe over the past week.  Joe and I have been on the phone about every other day for about an hour.  It’s not like I’ve been absolutely consumed with talking to him, but it’s been nice to talk to someone you know so well.  He can’t hide anything from me and he never could, but the difference now is that he doesn’t want to.  Like I said, M. knows about all this and even knows what we talk about.  Heck, for all I care, he can listen in on the phone. 


The problem with all this is that I’ve been happy…very happy.  The smile in my eyes has been alight, and I’m even enjoying being in the house with M. more.  Understandably, one might think this would give a husband some pause.  Maybe I’m dense, but if my wife were suddenly very happy and talking to the ex-love of her life, I’d be concerned and maybe even take some steps to assure her that she’s still my “one”.  M. and I do not think alike apparently.  His reaction?  He asked me if I’d ever heard of a thing called an “open marriage”.  I wasn’t sure whether to throw up or laugh, and I’m still not sure.


In my oh-so-unsophisticated and un-French mind, open marriages are the last refuge of those desperate to get out of their marriage, but without the balls to do so.  In the very least, they are a frantic attempt at holding on to someone you think may be leaving you.  Now, I’m just trying to figure out which category M. is in. 


Is he even serious?  He sure seems to be.


I feel sick.


Does this make sense to anyone else???

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