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Since Ginger is dying for me to tell you about the EXTRAVAGANZA (think Moulin Rouge burlesque meets dark fairies while on a mysterious caravan trek through pre-British India).  I thought I’d hint around it by telling/showing you some things I’m loving today.


There are makeup tutorials on Youtube! 






Watch out Ginger.  You so ARE going to be doing some trannylicious eye makeup!  Why did I not think about Youtube in this light?  It’s also kind of awesome to look at other people’s wedding videos.  Tis lurking at its FINEST!


I’m having trouble finding the right tikka for me (no, I’m not spending $400), but I have seen a couple of Atelier Aimee knock-off gowns which will inspire the my frock’s skirt (I’m taking a purchased bustier embellishing it and adding sleeves or a fancy shrug). Such as this one: 





Finding Ginger, et. al.’s cute bustiers and feather hair fascinators to go with the plain long skirts and fancy bustles (to tie on seperately and to match each maid’s unique bustier) I’m making is easy, but what would a D&D fighter wear?  Seriously?  The best I can come up with on Ebay are some cool boots and leather arm braces.  I’m thinking this could go very Robin Hood-y fast.  😦  I wonder if I could get Paladin to wear this hat?




The leather swing (built for two, of course) studded with rhinestones is also easy (you know everyone’s going to want “prom photos” in it)!  But…Can I even rent an elephant?  And if I do, will they complain when I put glitter eyeliner on it?  Worse comes to worst, I can always make a 6 foot tall paper mache elephant for the head table I guess.






 P.S.- Yes, Paladin does know about these plans…well…ok, the elephant hasn’t been brought up yet.  But, he actually wants a big “do” so long as we don’t have to sell a kidney.  And, I am the Queen o’ Thrifty-Grifty.







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