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Hey remember last week when I posted a lot and was all caught up?  Fun times.  How do you know you’re not keeping up online?  You look at your email and find 275 new messages.  Of course, that’s only one email account.  Sheesh! 


Paladin and I went out to the house in Deridder this weekend.  Saturday, we took Dave and Will and between the 3 menfolk, they got a fair amount of the yard mowed.  Only an acre and a half to go!  Of course they spent half the day getting the mower going.  What did I do while they messed about?  I cleaned about 1/3 of that 2000 sq.ft. house!  They stood around and poked at machinery grunting but I actually pulled up my sleeves and cleaned 3 bedrooms, 3 huge closets and perhaps the nastiest bathroom I’ve ever seen from ceiling to floor.  Ridiculous, the bathroom was simply ridiculous!  I spent 10 minutes cleaning blood off the front of the toilet.  Yeah, ask me how pleased I was about that!  Mull is a nasty ho, and it’s a good thing they weren’t clearing housing on Ft. Polk because she’d have never passed inspection!  This was 3 yrs. of built up crud and not just the crud that accumulates when a house is left empty after you move out in a hurry.  By late Sunday, we had the kitchen and dining room under control which is no easy task with over 25 feet of cabinets (floor to ceiling with drawers).  Now, there’s just the living room and the “west wing” (the Master bedroom which is 16×30 or so with another nasty bathroom, a small bedroom/nursery area, and oversized pass through room).  So, there’s probably another day or two of cleaning in my future.  It’s not that Paladin doesn’t help, but like a lot of men, he seems to get sidetracked on to other manly things like replacing light bulbs which could wait until I’m not standing on a floor that’s knee deep in trash and filth.  So, my weekend was spent cleaning bugs and mouse poop…if only it had just been the weekend.


Tuesday when I got back to work, Brian and I were sitting in the kitchen when he looked over at the stove and asked, “What’s that?”  I looked around and a field mouse was sticking its head up out of one of the burners!  I freaked because that’s my patent response to rodents of any variety.  Brian was highly amused and Mr. Ralph (his 80 yr. old step-father) came through and set one of those old-fashioned, breaks-their-scrawny-lil-necks mousetraps.  Five minutes later I’m in Manjina’s bedroom and hear a snap.  My other patent response?  Eeewww!  I did not go investigate, but Mr. Ralph did ask if I’d like to make it into a fur coat.  Brian laughed for the next 20 minutes until I left work.  The next morning, I started disinfecting every surface of that counter.  You guessed it: more mouse poop.  Ick!  It took hours and I sent about half of the little-used and icky appliances to appliance heaven (a cardboard box in the storage room…in almost 6 months, they hadn’t used any of them…therefore, they don’t need to take up my counter space!).  Then I made chili for Brian’s birthday and when he got out of bed, I made him a bowl.  As I was heating it in the microwave, a new mouse charged up the side of the cabinets and went for a run around the newly cleaned kitchen countertop.  Uuuggghh!  I squealed.  Tina and Brian laughed.  Mr. Ralph came in and put another trap out.  We’re standing there talking about it being on the other end behind the loaf of bread when Mr. Ralph walks over and peeks around.  Suddenly, he moved a little weird and turned toward the garbage can.  Then he slapped something against the wall.  It took me a minute to realize that he’d caught the mouse and did his own murdering.  OMG!  Old people are freakin’ nuts!  GROSS!!! 


Now that you’re caught up on the murders and grossness, I’m going to try and find out how many of you are still knocked up!  And, tomorrow, God willing, I’m going to post pictures of the house and explain about the “extravaganza” situation. 




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