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There’s nothing much to report today.  We’re off to the VA hospital with Brian for his check-up, and that means a day long horror trek.  😦 


However, happily, my beloved is coming home today!  And, after work, I plan to slip off to Ft. Polk tonight to welcome him back.  Friday, I snuck into his room and left a card and a couple of helium balloons because I knew I wouldn’t be able to be waiting for him.  Wednesday may begin a week long vacation of sorts.  Paladin’s surgery comes with a 7 day mandatory leave, but he’ll have to go in tomorrow and sort that out.  After that, we’ll spend 7 straight days together.  The house should get cleaned and hopefully, we’ll get started moving in.  One of the nicest things about us is that we have pretty much the same work ethic and energy level.  That means that we exhaust other people but we get tons done!  He’s detail driven and I keep an eye on the big picture.  It works pretty well so far, but a week together is a nice test.  I’m not worried though.  We’ve spent 4 days at a time together for a couple of weekends over the holidays, and our regular weekends are really 3 days because he gets off work early on Fridays.  Our last weekend together, he came out of the bedroom with his overnight bag and it suddenly hit me that he was leaving that night.  It hadn’t even occurred to me that he would be leaving.  I wanted to cry.  He makes it very easy to turn co-dependent. 


Over the weekend, Paladin and I spent a few hours online IM’ing and making wedding plans.  We looked at some rings.  We talked about what the kids will wear and what the men will wear.  And, we decided on one GIANT SURPRISE for the wedding!  It’s SO BIG I can’t even tell Ginger!  Pascal and Pyewacket (that’s pronounced pie-ah-wak-et…she’s our cat…oh yeah, did I mention that I got a cat?  I know, I’m allergic but she showed up one day and won’t leave…obviously, she’s an outdoor/barn cat) are the only ones who know!  But, I’m going to let ya’ll in on it sometime this Spring after we make sure that we can swing it.  It will be a password protected post that comes with a penalty of death should anyone leak the info to Ginger.  The secret is KILLING ME ALREADY!!!  Arrrggghhhh….


Tomorrow, our supervisors will be here at work (did I mention that I had moved my desktop to work? presumably it was so I’d have more time to blog  HA HA).  Since Tina is supposed to be on the schedule, I get the day off.  Boringly, I will be home cleaning.  😦  So don’t bank on me knowing anything about the bloggy world for more than a week since my computer is at work and I won’t be.  Dang it!  😦  Ginger will have to keep me abreast of all the goings on.  In the meantime, I’ll try to get pictures of Pye and the outside of the house and Paladin and maybe even the kids if we get to see them. 



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