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Yeah, you guessed it; I watched The Devil Wears Prada last night.  Acutally, watched is a relative term especially when you’re doing laundry, washing dishes, packing the car, picking out fabric, and taking the dog out a couple of times.  It only made me feel schlumpy.  I mentioned it to Paladin later.  He had been washing some slacks and was talking about how he used to try to dress to impress me.  I haven’t made an actual effort to dress since Valentines Day.  I’m definitely feeling it too.  I get several girly magazines and I’ve noticed a direct corellation between those and my desire to look better.  Unfortunately, that’s as far as its gotten. 


Despite my lack of offspring, I’ve been rocking the mom look lately.  I grab a decent t-shirt or, if I’m feeling fancy, a casual blouse to go with my jeans and tennis shoes.  Over the weekend, every time I stepped out of the house it was with bad hair and to tell the truth, I didn’t really brush my hair the whole weekend.  What?  I was like busy.  I just kept grabbing a clip and throwing it into a bun.  There’s an old country song that says, “High-browed people lose their sanity.”  I think it’s true.  That’s why so many moms just grab what they can to look “decent”…not good mind you…just not skanky.  Lipstick and earrings is the sign that you’ve got it all together.  Layering a ballet necked knit over a buttoned blouse then draping yourself in Chanel baubles and a page boy cap come a FAR second to being able to roll out at a moments notice.  I respect that, but I can’t help but wince when I watch a movie like that with their oh-so-fashionable “clackers” or look at the design pages in the fashion mags.  I want to be that. 


I used to try at least.  I used to put actual outfits together.  Now, I just live in jeans.  I know it’s all for the best, probably.  One shouldn’t spend too much time on this stuff even if Meryl Streep points out that every color we see on the shelves had its debut on the runways.  Consciously, I know that in an afternoon I could throw together several outfits with accessories and line them up to be worn throughout the week (I love that the uniform is no long poo-pooed by the fashion elite…Edith Head always extolled its virtues!).    In reality, I haven’t the energy even if I managed to push through and find the time.  It probably doesn’t help that most of my days are spent cleaning, trying to get the house into some kind of decent shape, running dogs about, or occasionally wiping butts (the kids asked me what my job was one day and I answered that ‘I wipe butts’…they think its hilarious…I’m starting to think I need a new job).  I just can’t feel the recessionista vibe right now.


Anybody else need a makeover?  😦


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