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I haven’t been able to get online this work-week because of Brian’s sleep schedule and his requests and because my computer has contracted a virus.  Where did the virus come from?  Well, it’s between Manjina and his porn sites or various “others” that have been on my computer.  That is being STOPPED ASAP!  A while back I mentioned that there might be trouble brewing around here, but I never got around to telling ya’ll about it.  So here’s the poop: 


When Tina came to work here there was another PCA (personal care attendant) working for Brian by the name of Mar.  Mar, in a word, sucked.  She barely even showed up here and only did the bare minimum when she did.  I suspect that what she did do was because Brian personally requested it.  Brian’s POC (plan of care…or instructions as to what you must do each day like wash clothes, do dishes, cook, etc…basically, it’s what your daily job entails) was not worth the paper it was written on to her.  Mar got the job because she came out from California to screw Manjina.  About 10 minutes after she got here, she started living with Manjina’s cousin and his 2 kids were calling her “mom”, but she kept the “job” (this is a pattern from what I can tell…previous workers were either screwing Manjina or one of the other brothers…no wonder Manny got his hopes up about me!  ha!).  Eventually, our supervisor, GG, was calling and not getting any answers and never getting Mar on the phone.  GG started asking Tina a lot of questions.  Tina didn’t out Mar, but she didn’t lie for her either.  One day GG showed up for a surprise inspection and Mar was no where to be found.  Brian just stayed neutral and didn’t lie for her.  Mar showed up an hour or so later unexpectedly trying to make like it was just a misunderstanding.  GG put her on probation, but she didn’t fire her.  Apparently, Mar was on the skids with cousin and had been online finding a new mark.  Within a month or two, she headed off to Missouri on vacation to meet a “friend” and never returned.  There was great rejoicing in the land.  There wasn’t a single person around here that was particularly sorry to see her go as far as I can tell.  So, when Mar started calling people around here up back in January, everyone was very neutral and a few people told her outright to get lost.  But, hey, Mar didn’t get where she is by taking “no” for an answer!  Within days of Mr. Ralph’s death, she was on the doorstep. 


I’d never met her, but obviously, I’d formed an opinion.  Ain’t nothin’ changed it, either.  Mar is a “sweetie pie ho” or SPH for short.  An SPH talks sweet as can be.  She will infiltrate every part of your life and stick to you like diarrhea to a baby’s butt.  Nothing short of threatening an SPH with firearms will get rid of them and in fact, this method is not full proof.  In some cases, not even an order of protection will keep them at bay (personally, I recommend garlic and lots of it).  They are experts at preying on weakness and do not hesitate to do so.  Mephistopheles was an SPH.


Mar has moved in with the former tweeker, and I don’t see things going well there.  I’m seriously worried about Tweeky.  Tweeky has been off the meth for a LONG time.  She’s been clean, but the minute I’d heard about Mar moving in with her, I said to Tina, “She’ll be on something before you know it.”  I was right, but thankfully, it’s not the meth.  Tweeky is drinking…heavily.  I’m hoping that’s as far as it goes, but I don’t see a bright future there as long as Mar is around.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know that Tweeky made her own decisions, but an SPH can twist you up and exploit any opening.  Tweeky had a pretty big opening.  Tweeky has a home that she rents and a job at the Big W and best of all, she got injured on the job right before Christmas and is expecting a settlement.  I’m sure Mar heard a big ole “cha ching” when she found out about that.  Nah…I’m sure her coming back here had nothing to do with that…  Tweeky and Mar had been friends since childhood and Mar is the reason Tweeky came out here to live.  Mar has led her down the wrong road many a time according to Tweeky which is why she told Mar that she couldn’t stay with her.  But where has Mar been living for the last 2 months?  I told ya…SPH!


Well, things aren’t moving fast enough for Mar, I guess.  She’s having to look for a new “in” and she’s got her eye on my seat.  She found out I’m getting married this summer and living half the time in Deridder and by now, she probably knows about the Ft. Polk Expansion taking over our property.  She’s been showing up here frequently.  At first, she showed up a couple of times when Tina was working.  Now, she’s been here every day I’ve been here.  I’m sure, at first, she wanted to find some way to bring me down over work issues.  A simple call to GG and she’d have her “in”.  Unfortunately for her, I actually do my job (what a concept!).  In fact, I often go above and beyond.  So, instead she’s been working the SPH angle with Brian.  Need an example?  Yesterday.


Yesterday, I came in and Manjina hadn’t been here all night.  Instead, Mar had come by to use the computer (wanna guess where I think my computer suddenly got it’s virus? Manny’s been watching porn on it for months with no computer STD’s) and stayed all night to “help poor Brian out” (can I get a collective “aaawww”…sheesh…why do men fall for this crap?  I’ll tell ya why because Mama didn’t slap enough tit on ’em!…of course, with men there’s never enough tit).  Brian knows I can’t stand the ho.  I keep myself far away from her at all times.  I make no bones about it.  I talk to her only enough to be civil.  That’s really the ONLY way to handle an SPH.  You must NEVER give them an inch.  But here she was when I arrived.  She got up 2 hours after I arrived to (shock!) a job that was done: bed made, urinals clean, kitchen spotless, laundry in the dryer.  I swear, her face slid further down her ancient ho skull when she realized I’m not a slacker. 


After she left, Brian got up and wanted toast and jam for breakfast.  He also wanted meatloaf for dinner, but we didn’t have hamburger.  I called Tina and had her pick some up in town, but in the meantime, he decided she was taking too long and asked for a spiral cut ham.  I put the ham on and it was about half done when lo and behold who should arrive but Tweeky and Mar.  Tweeky was carrying a bottle of Jack Daniels and offering to make Brian an “irish coffee” (she looked so haggard…it’s really sad).  Brian came through and I told him that the ham was done.  He made some “funny” remarks designed to irk me, but I shrugged them off and set out the ham.  Well, guess who just sweeped in and starts getting some out for Brian like she’d slaved all day over it?  I admit freely that I am a territorial alpha female.  I know this and I embrace this.  I’m either on top or I just don’t participate when it come to this type of crap.  I gave Brian a nasty look, literally threw up my hands, and went into the living room and sat down in his extra wheelchair to watch tv (I can’t bring myself to sit in Mr. Ralph’s chair and the sofa just looks icky…early 80’s tweed upholstery…can you imagine the dust mites? eewww). 


A few minutes later, Brian rolled up beside me and asked about his meatloaf.  Hello!  You have an entire HAM sitting in there!  He complained that he REALLY wanted the meatloaf.  And I replied, “Kill those people and get them out of my kitchen then.”  He turned and sped off to the kitchen and told them to get out that he wanted his meatloaf.  I could hear Mar saying, “She needs us out?  This kitchen is huge though.”  Tough luck, sista.  Despite the fact that it was only about an hour before I usually leave work, I not only made the meatloaf; I made the mashed potatoes from real potatoes and not powdered ones!  When I brought Brian his food, his tongue was on the floor.  I heard him offer them some and Tweeky said she’d take a plate, but a few minutes later, I heard Mar and Tweeky driving away.  Poor Tweeky never got her food.  I guess, Mar didn’t feel like hanging around as much as she thought.  


Sure, it was passive aggressive.  Oh yeah, homey can play that when its called for!  But, screw it!  Some people can’t handle a head on approach.  Sometimes you have to be suggestive instead of forthright, and when it comes to men and an SPH, that’s really your only course of action.  One misstep and you’re a horrible mean person who just won’t leave poor lil SPH alone.  I doubt this was Mar’s last volley though.  I guess, I’ll have to be a little more guarded around here.  😦


Anybody else put a ho in her place?  😀


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