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Spun Gold

I want to thank all of you for your thoughts on Flaxen’s situation.  As predicted, the minute he got out he called her up.  Like an idiot, she went to his grandmother’s home alone (she told her girlfriend about it but not her family).  Once there, he gave her a sob story and told her that he wouldn’t be able to see his son for 3 yrs. if convicted and begged her not to testify.  The court date is a long time from now, but she’s wavering about whether or not to testify already.  I hope that she will go to court FOR HIS SON and for hers!  If this “man” did that in front of her child and has a record of doing the same thing to his ex, he probably did the same in front of his own child.  He needs to be somewhere to think about what his life is and where some other men can “get through to him” about how violence is not the answer.  Nothing like prison to do that!  Grrr…

As for me…

Ever think something is going to take x amount of time and it ends up taking 20x?  Ha!  I did use algebra after all.  Thanks, Muslims!  (obviously I should stop watching the Daily Show in a near coma).  I have moved and moved and moved some more.  I’m sick of moving.  And…it ain’t over!  There are at least 3 more loads of things to be moved THIS WEEK!  Dammit all.  In the middle of all of it there was a kid’s weekend and lots of gardening.  So, I’ve got some posts for this week and probably next week too! 

I even managed to take your advice and pick up some clothes for my Borrowed Girls.  I managed to spend about $30 at garage sales and another $30 at Walmart filling in their summer wardrobe for our house.  I’m not going to stop Mull from sending them clothes because I bought things that they will be getting dirty in and boy’s underwear shirts (aka wife beaters) for them to sleep in and not a lot of nice clothes.  Last weekend, the girls wanted to help me paint and I couldn’t let them because they had nothing to get dirty in!  (they did manage to get dirty but that’s a whole other post heehee)  This was the exception to the clothes to get dirty in:


How freakin’ cute is that dress!  Tina paid a dollar for it!  And I got a fancy houndstooth coat with fur collar and cuffs for another dollar that will fit Blondie this coming winter.  One of the few things Mull and I have in common is a love of a good bargain.  Fortunately, I try to be practical about it and don’t just buy a lot of crap that we’re not going to use.  I even got a potty chair/stepstool for Indy.  Now, she can be trained at our house too, but I’ll probably have to get another set of big girl panties for her since I never get to see anything I send to Mull’s ever again (that’s right, Mull…I finally figured out that the new underwear they showed up with weren’t the one’s I sent home with them…I hope you made a profit between selling the Disney princess underwear and buying the plain striped underwear out of the irregular section). 

Oh well, I’m off to look at your blogs.  It’s Sunday and this is a pre-post.  I’m hoping that by the time this loads on Monday I’ll be all caught up on what everyone’s been doing and be able to swing right into action!  🙂

P.S.- Monday and I’ve got a virus that lets me post comments 3 times before I have to reboot!  ARRGGHH!!!  As God is my witness, I’ll comment again!  Today!  But it will probably be after Paladin’s doctor’s appointment.  Ohhh…and Momma, I was there, but it’s back to being Google ID’s only.  😦  Pretty please…


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