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I was going to comment but instead I decided on a quickie post.

I’ll take all zucchini recipes ladies!  I just picked 4 more, and there should be a few dozen more coming soon.  *sigh*  

Don’t be surprised if I start asking for cucumber recipes too.  I made the mistake of planting 2 pkts.  I must’ve lost my mind!  Now, I’m set to be covered in non-pickling cucumbers.  There’s going to be a lot of Greek Rice Salad going on around here soon.  😦

As for the Borrowed Girls, they’re sizes are 4T, 6 girls and 8 girls, but I expect them to be busting out of those by this Fall. Fortunately, because of the arrival yesterday of my (nearly) final load of crap, Paladin was forced to go through some of the shite that Mull left behind.  When he did, lo and behold there were several summer dresses to fit Indy and some stuff for Blondie.  Now, the only one that I wonder if I have enough stuff for is Savvy.  I’ve got her “enough” but it’s about half of what the other two have and I’m completely expecting the “Why did they get it when I didn’t?” conversation.  😦 

And I thought ya’ll might like an update on Flaxen.  It’s what I thought would happen.  He begged her and they were starting to get back together.  I say “were” because he went to court yesterday and there was an automatic “no contact order” put in place for the next month and a half.  I hope she will change her mind about him during that time, but it’s doubtful.  It’s such self-destructive behavior and it just kills me.  I’ve not been in an abusive relationship like that (M. had a look in his eye once and I thought he might…my first instinct was to put one hand on the heaviest lamp I owned…I’d have taken him out).  But, I have been self-destructive using my weight and my tendency to isolate.  I hope I understand at least on some level.

Well, I better get back to installing Martian’s walls.  It’s his birthday on Sunday and he gets to move back into his room!  🙂


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