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I just put this up on Facebook and I wanted ya’ll to see it to.  It’s a sucky post but it’s the best I can do at the moment.  I miss you and thanks for thinking about me (especially you, Heather  🙂  ) and for still looking at this thing.  If you have Facebook, please add me (Anna Lee Meade from Alexandria, LA).  I’m not abandoning the blog…yet.  It’s just that I need to consolidate for now.  I’m going to try to come back here in the next couple of weeks to put up pics of the dresses etc.  Anyhow…here is the so-called “short” version…



First, THANK YOU for all of the lovely birthday wishes.  I do appreciate them.  Although I didn’t get on Facebook, I did check my email twice in the last month.  What?  That’s some kind of speed record for me!  😉  I wanted you to know that I got them and that I felt very cared for when I saw that even though I’ve been MIA for months you haven’t forgotten about me.


For those of you who don’t know, my mother had a bad fall at the end of June.  She fell in her kitchen while she was alone and broke her left femur, her right wrist in 2 places, and her right shoulder.  Mom has been shuffled from hospital to hospital for the last 2 months.  The break in her left femur became infected and she had a second surgery to take care of that.  She got home this last weekend, but we’re still watching for infection.  All in all, she is doing much better even though she is still on a wound vac.  And for any of you behind the Obama health plan, just keep in mind that the current system is what kept Mom being shuffled around and kept Tina in doctors offices for TWO DAYS just to get her 15 prescriptions filled; that’s the plan they want to tighten the controls on.  And, yes, Mike has read the actual plan and kept me well-informed on it.


And that was the easiest part of my last 2 months…


Also, for those of you who don’t know or haven’t noticed (and I’m not trying to make you feel bad about it because I’ve been living under a rock!  🙂  ), I’m getting married!  I’m marrying Michael Bradley Jackson on September 4th if the good Lord’s willin’ an’ the creeks don’ rise!  This has been made more hectic and more interesting by the fact that Mike has 5 children.  Yeah, I said FIVE from the age of 3 to 16 and only one boy in the bunch.  His ex has been neglecting them and treating them like a three year old with a formerly well-loved doll; she loves them but ignores them the vast majority of the time.  Recently, her neglect has taken a very serious turn.  For months, we had been trying to get it through to her that the 3yr. old is supposed to have a poop more than once a week.  A couple of weeks ago, we ended up taking the baby to the ER twice (first visit the doc gave her a suppository and a 10gram dose of laxative…17grams is the adult dose…and it didn’t work).  On the second ER visit, Mike’s ex showed up with military police and tried to prevent him from getting the baby care.  It didn’t come out in her favor, but the cop flat out told us to call CPS on her.  We have.  That was over a week ago and CPS hasn’t even interviewed anyone.  So, yeah, we’re a bit preoccupied with that.  If that’s not enough, this Monday is Mike’s final divorce proceeding (it was supposed to be in June but his ex didn’t bother to file the final motion…his lawyer had to do it).  Because his divorce isn’t final and a crap storm may hit with CPS at any moment, the wedding invitations won’t go out until after Monday.  Yep, with luck I’m marrying Michael Jackson next month.  And, yeah, I’m pretty sure we’ve heard all the jokes.  😉  But this Jackson is so white he can’t moonwalk.  Did I mention that I’m making all of the dresses and all of the flower arrangements and we haven’t found an officiant or found a cake or bought rings yet???  Breathe…


Finally, I’ve just been informed that with the state budget cuts in health care I will be losing work hours…over HALF of my work hours.  I’m tied up in knots about it, but Mike’s all, “We’re doing great.”  He’s right.  Our income, I should say HIS income, finally leveled out this last month, and now he’s making about $300 more a month than when he was in the Army.  It turns out that a brain tumor is profitable, but only if you live through it.  The VA ended up rating him something like 240% disability, but they only pay the 100% which is still very good.  But, I don’t like that I’m not contributing as much as I used to even if it’s nothing compared to his.  The worst part is that because of the nature of the job.  I’m still going to be doing the same amount of work.  It’s just going to be done out of the goodness of my own heart now.  😦


There were lots of little day to day kicks to the gut around here recently, but these three things are what have kept me hopping and running to keep up with my life for months now.  Mostly it’s the kids that have kept me running.  We’ve had them most of July and part of August.  I love these babies to death, but every time we have them, we find out more about how crappy their lives are.  It’s been one long festival of this ex trying to take the 14yr. old boy out of school to take care of the 3yr. old (which was a long battle, but thankfully, he’s in school now) and right after the ER thing, we found out that she’s been letting the 6yr. old sleep with her and her boyfriend most nights.  Where the heck is CPS?  They know all of this and more and they are still not showing up.  Now, you know the real reason I haven’t been online.  If I stay online like this I’ll keep talking to everyone and these bustles will not get finished today and I’ve got about 2 weeks and my dress hasn’t really been started.  Life is hard.  No doubt about it.  I would love nothing more than to be able to catch up with ya’ll, and I hope I can some day soon.  In the meantime, I’ll at least try to show up once in a blue moon to share and peek at your lives.


Give me your addresses to get your invites!!!  Oh, and if you know I have your address, confirm it anyhow, pretty please?  I have the most messed up address book!  lol


Talk to you as soon as I can!  Oh and when you don’t get on this enough, you find weird pics like people petting parrots that may or may not be ceramic.  This disturbs me…


Hugs, Anna

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