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It’s a good thing.  There.  I said it.  I should remember to do it more often.  If you avoid the conversations, you don’t have to talk about it.  You don’t have to remember the pain.  Denial is good.


P.S.- I haven’t forgotten Dishy’s lovely gift.  I’m going to pre-post something for the weekend.

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Bad Night *update*

That last post was a pre-post.  Last night, Mom fell.  Tina was out here with me and the boys called about 10:45 just as I was getting out of the shower.  She’s in ICU right now.  She’s got a shattered thigh, and they still aren’t sure if her shoulder/arm is fractured or what.  It’s only been a little over a year since her last fall.  Unfortunately, she’s having the same problems this time with her potassium being way too high, and they’ve called in a kidney specialist.  Her kidneys have been failing for years due to the diabetes, but we won’t know anything for a while.  I finally had to leave the hospital to get back here for Pascal and for Paladin’s kids.  I’m not sure what’s going on right now, and I just can’t even think straight.  I’ll be back online as soon as I can.



Mom has broken her shoulder, her wrist in 2 places, and her thigh break went into her knee and it’s possible that the knee will need a replacement.  She has an entire team of doctors taking good care of her.  They’ve already diagnosed her with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and have started her on albuterol for her breathing difficulties.  All of those conditions should have been caught long ago!  And Tina and I have been mentioning the symptoms to her GP forever!  Last year when she broke her arm, I remember SexyDoctor giving her a bone scan and saying that it didn’t look good, but he wasn’t her GP; CreepyDoctor has been her GP for nearly 20 yrs.  I don’t blame CreepyDoctor much because he has so much going on with the baby mama dramas and he owns 80% of the medical offices in Leesville.  He’s sly and that doesn’t bother me.  Things will slip through the cracks, but some of this should have been caught.  That’s why Sally Field is hocking the drugs.  Unfortunately, last year their only thought was that we must be beating her because it was a spiral fracture.  At least, now they know better.  But, it will be Sunday at the earliest before Mom gets in for surgery.  I’ll be back soon.  And thank you for all your prayers.  Heather, Mom’s first name is the same as mine; it’s Anna.  Bye, ya’ll.

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So sick.  Can’t speak.  Dying now…  Let my dying words be:  Tres Icky…

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The Bride is always right!

The lovely Ginger has seen fit to send me this magnet:




LOL  I love it, and so fitting.  I’ve never been a bridesmaid.  But, hey, those who can do and those who can’t teach…or something like that.  😉  I love these things, and look at the other ones the company offers HERE!  I particularly love the “It’s just a starter marriage, sweetie.” one! 


She also sent me a giant postcard/wall-hanging which is going in the master bedroom just as soon as the new paint color is up.  🙂


Hopefully, this time next year, she’ll send me this one!



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Spank me!


Just a quick pre-scheduled post to keep you busy.


I love this video!  Brian ran across the Asylum Street Spankers while looking for “Dear Penis” by Rodney Harrington.  We are in love with them and want to someday see them live.  Take a peek!



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Yep!  I’m still alive!  Definitely haven’t been blogging or keeping up with ya’ll.  But, I hear things from Ginger about people peeing on themselves and such.  lol  This week I’ll be back in full force!  Hopefully, I’ll have a real post up tomorrow because I want to show off my holidays in pictures (I’m dying to show off Tina’s wrapping skills).  Then later, I have man news (that’s right…singular…man not men).  So, I’ll be right back after a short message from Carnation Milk.

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Drama and it ain’t mine!

.Lest you think I’m the only crazy person around here, I got news for you!  lol 

This morning, Tina told me about an interesting phone call she had last night.  Yesterday, she got some papers from her insurance company telling her that a second policy had been taken out on my Dad (Tina’s had one on Mom and one on Dad for over a decade).  It seems that the StepSlag has forged Dad’s signature to start the policy, but not very well.  When Tina called to ask Dad about it, he had no idea, of course, and when he questioned StepSlag, she responded, “Which company is that?”  Uh huh…so…what?  You’ve got more than one?  Yeah…guess she’s getting tired of waiting around for that million dollar windfall (try not to fall down when the sarcasm hits you lol). 

Then Tina proceeded to tell me about Mom’s side of the family.  Last year, my Uncle Willis died at Christmas time.  This Christmas, his widow decided to move in with his brother, my Uncle Vincil.  Yeah….CLASSY…real CLASSY.  Apparently, there has been some speculation as to their relationship for the past 4 decades.  Just to shorthand it for ya, the widow is a whore (nope, she didn’t even rate a ho…she went straight for the “w”).  Their last child was very obviously NOT my Uncle’s and child number two probably wasn’t either.  But I guess two out of four ain’t bad.  *major eye roll*

Ok, Ok.  You knew I wouldn’t leave out my drama.  My date with Eveready was undramatic.  I had a lovely time.  He is a wonderful person and will be a wonderful partner for someone.  I made it clear that I’m still hoping to have children of my own and he related how scary it was for him to take care of his grandbabies alone for a few hours on Monday.  We’re two people heading toward different futures.  And, can I just say…  Hooray for a mature man that understands that and didn’t try to change that fact.  As I left, Eveready told me that he hoped that I’d see him again as a friend if nothing else.  He knew.  I knew.  We are two people that in another place and time might have been very happy.  I’m very glad that I went.  He is a great guy.  I’m sure we’ll talk to one another from time to time.

Tomorrow, I’ll be at Brian’s and I’m hoping to catch up with some blogging!  Man I miss having free time.  I remember those days when I sat for hours talking to ya’ll and I really miss them.  😦  See you soon!

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