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I’m cursed!


It’s the curse of the whang!  It all began when Ginger sent me THIS.  It’s gone down hill ever since. 


The next day, I was hiding out with Tina at work (I’m avoiding my homelife because I just don’t need to sit by as M. seeks to mate with whatever damaged person he finds next).  Brian knew I was there blogging on his lover-ly high speed internet.  Tina was on the other side of the house with the tv on, and he called me into his bedroom several times for little things like iced tea or to adjust the air conditioning (LOL this is starting to sound like a letter in Penthouse…guess we know where my mind is).  Then he went quiet for a while.  Eventually, he called out again, “Anna…”, and I jumped up and popped through the door.  It was then that I heard him scream, “Well, don’t look!”  He was far, far too late.  Turns out, Brian’s a true redhead…


I got home that night and M. took a shower.  He came back through into the kitchen with his boxers gaping.  Yeah….I didn’t want to see that one either…


Yesterday was the coup de grace, though!  Everybody at Brian’s was busy running around.  Jon was headed to the fair.  Brian had promised to babysit for friends (so I got out of another date…sadly, it would have been the highlight of my week), and Mr. Ralph, Brian’s 80 yr. old stepfather, was getting ready to hit the casino with the lady he’s keeping company with, Ms. Essie.  Like I said, everyone was rushing around and Tina hadn’t done any work Friday and I was trying to catch up on the dishes and laundry.  Mr. Ralph took his things and went to the bathroom.  I heard the tub filling up.  So, I naively went toward the laundry room to grab towels out of the dryer.  I noticed that the laundry room door was ajar, but I figured Jon had just forgotten to close it.  That was my first mistake.  My second was going through the door.  You guessed it…full on 80 yr. old ass…


Later, as I recounted this to Tina, she dang near ran the car out of the road.  “Poor Mr. Ralph,” Tina said, “He’s so shy.”  POOR HIM???  Tina asked me what I did.  Well, what could I do?  Seriously, what is the appropriate action when you’ve walked in on a naked 80 yr. old man in a laundry room???  I did the only thing I could do!  I averted my eyes, turned tail and ran muttering, “Oooops!” 


It’s Murphy’s Law…when you need the whang, you can never find the right one, but the wrong one’s are everywhere! 


Forget your kids, do you know where your whang is lately?  And, if so can you hook a sista up?  Kidding…mostly.  😉


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My Don Juan Roses

My Don Juan Roses

Early yesterday evening, we received the call that Uncle George had passed.  Not even an hour before that, I had been thinking that this week I could afford to get new tires for the car and next weekend we’d go back to Mississippi to see him (he actually died while I was thinking about it). 




About half an hour before his death, Tina had called him, and one of our uncles said he was asleep.  Tina told them to tell him we loved him when he woke up.  From what we’ve heard, he woke up a little after that and they moistened his mouth (for the last day, he hadn’t been able to drink anything…George began to hemorrhage a couple of weeks ago…Dad was alone with him, but luckily, it stopped), and when they came back in a couple of minutes later, he was gone.  It was peaceful, and without too much pain.  And for this we are truly grateful.


There haven’t been many tears here.  Uncle George was very clear that he didn’t want people mourning him.  That’s the type of person he was.  He’s said many times, “If they don’t cry over me when I’m alive, I shore as hell don’t want ‘em cryin’ when I’m gone.”  We didn’t cry much while he was alive either.  When he was told that his colon cancer had spread into his stomach back in November, we were told that he had 3 months at the outside, and after we saw him at Christmas, I’d have agreed.  I didn’t think he’d make it past March.  He was a shell of his former self, and we refused to take any pictures of him over this last year because that isn’t the way we wanted to remember him.  By spring, he had improved and he was back to laughing and joking although he’d sometimes fall asleep while we talked to him.  Even so, we knew there was no beating the cancer.  It was a matter of time.  No, there haven’t been a lot of tears here.


Instead, there’s been laughter.  Last night, my brothers, sister, and I sat around talking about the funeral arrangements and what flowers to send.  Uncle Tom, the Baptist preacher, is affiliated with Phelps Funeral Home back in Kentucky; so, the people there are giving him a special license that will let him take Uncle George back himself.  I don’t exactly remember which one of us mentioned the heat, but it didn’t take long before one of us said something about a “giant beer cooler” (*cough* Dave).  I am pretty sure it was Tina that said something about folding him up.  I could hear George saying, “Hell, it don’t bother me none; hey, stick a beer in there with me!”  It was me that said we should send the flowers with a note that read, “Well, George, you said you didn’t want no flowers, but you ain’t here!”  That was another of his requests; he didn’t want flowers in death that people didn’t give him in life.  I guess I have an out since every time we went over I took him some of my Don Juan roses (they were a favorite rose of his that he had grown where he’d retired in Florida).  I guess if you don’t know our family this all sounds unfeeling.  It’s anything but.


George is was the eldest of my Dad’s side of the family, and he’s the first to die since our grandparent’s deaths over 20 years ago.  I’m glad that some of his brothers were there with him.  I’m glad that Dad didn’t have to be alone with him when he went.  I’m grateful for the morphine that kept him comfortable for the last year.  Most of all, I’m glad that he’s gone on to something sweeter.


Bye, George.

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Just a quick posty, to tell ya’ll I took a hint from…well she knows who she is.  I signed up at feedburn.com and have added links to my sidebar for subscriptions (if you want a different service let me know they have most of the common ones).  If anyone tries it, do me a fave and let me know if they’re working.  I got it to work on my Yahoo page by using my feedburner address, but I had only signed up a few minutes before. 

Oh, and I’m still on treadmill madness and doing all driving for the next couple of days.  I’ll delurk as soon as possible and visit ya’ll.  Byes!

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Hiho neighborinos!

pascal-snow-effect.jpgI’m Honeywine (aka Anna).  I’ve started this blog to help force me to do some of the wonderful things I love to do such as rant, give advice, make stuff, and share the woes of those I love and those I should.  I’ve written a few blogs on my myspace (also Honeywine), but I’ve been lurking around on some of your blogs and remembering how much I loved being a part of the crafting community.  I feel like I sort of lost my time/moxie/mind when I got married a couple of years ago and life changed BIG TIME!  So I’m hoping to put some of the inspiration you’ve given me to work.  That’s a quiet scream for help, btw.  So I’ve written a blog or two (some of which were frustrated Army life rants) and now I’m going to post some for you.

Hugs, Anna

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