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Try having 3 Thanksgivings!  That’s right.  THREE.  Mom is having Thanksgiving at home, and then Tina and I are headed to Fort Polk for a third Thanksgiving with Rachel and the girls.  But, before all of those, there’s Manny and the boss (how is that for a great 70’s cop show title?)!


Brian decided the other day that he’d like to have Thanksgiving dinner at home.  I immediately volunteered to make the dinner.  I think it’s the first one they’ve had in their house since his mother died over a decade ago.  Their oven has been acting up and I decided it was safer to cook at my place.  So here I am at midnight with three more hours of turkey basting to go, and I’m trying desperately to stay awake while worrying about spending the next several days under the same roof as Manjina.  lol


The Deputy has done a bit of a disappearing act.  I’ve not heard from him for a few days, and frankly, I’m relieved.  I’m starting to hope that he doesn’t reappear. 


Gig is wonderful, but this weekend is for family.  His son will be with him all weekend which I am very happy about.  He misses his son and daughter very much, and I can tell it hurts him not to be more a part of their lives.  It’s one of those “aaawww” things about him that makes me melt.  I’m going to try to find something to do with the extra 15-20 hours that I won’t be spending on the phone with him (WOW…that’s a lot of time to kill) because I refuse to intrude upon their time together.  Instead, I will be enjoying Girl’s Night on base and working and maybe doing a faux finish to my faux fireplace surround.  It’s going to be a very LONG weekend.  😦   I’m going to miss him terribly and I already think about him nearly every minute of the day.  We’re trying to get together next week when I have my doctor’s appointment in Lake Charles (it’s a long overdue follow up with my gastric bypass surgeon) and I may even meet the parents.  But, hopefully, I won’t walk away with another hickey!  Did I mention that?  lol  Thanks to Gig I had my first ever hickey!  I didn’t even notice it until he pointed it out at the end of our date. 


There are so many times these days when I love my life.  🙂  It’s a very nice surprise to be happy after feeling like I was just treading water for oh so many months.  A month ago, the thought of enjoying putting up the Christmas tree was just beyond absurd.  I just wanted the holidays to go away.  Now, I’m wondering if I’ll get to kiss Gig under the mistletoe.  With a little luck, we’ll even put up the tree together.  Happy feels like it’s sneaking up and tapping me on the shoulder.  It’s a great way to start the holidays.  🙂



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January 18-Christmas ’08


Just in case you thought that I had forgotten the purpose of this blog (ok, i have…lay off), I have actually tried the Waldorf style doll.  Unfortunately, I tried it using flannel and it was CRAPTASTIC!  So in an actual effort to be more thoughtful for next Christmas (and because i’m poor), I’ve designed our future greeting card!

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Ok, so it’s the day after the big Christmas holiday.  And my nerdy husband (and not in the hip way) has left the Gilmore Girls on the tv.  There’s this scene playing where the heroine is walking past a beautiful choir of bell ringers reveling in the joy of the season when abruptly the bell people begin talking about how one of them is out of time thereby ruining the loveliness of it all for our heroine.  That’s what I’ve been thinking about for two days now… the logistics of the holidays.  As I sit here with my husband washing dishes (ok he’s a little hip) and with the puppy at my feet acting like he’s on crack, I can’t help but echo my mother’s lament of the last few days, “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas.”  Maybe she expects elves to start dancing on the lawn?  I don’t know.  But dang if she ain’t right! 

Now, we live in the deep South; so we’re a little Christmas weather challenged.  In fact, if it snowed on Christmas day, we’d probably lobby to have it declared a national holiday…oh wait…  At any rate, the weather is out as a contributor to the Christmasyness of the holiday unless you count a good amount of frost that’s gone by 8am.  Also out is going to church, what with all the lapsed Catholics and lapsed Baptists and a couple of pagans.  None of us have kids, yet.  So the joy of the holidays through a child’s eyes is found mostly in the wonder of our mini-poodle, Pascal, who was really stoked when everybody started throwing wrapping paper on the floor (talk about an embarrassment of riches!). 

That leaves three things: food, decorating, and presents.  My sister and I are in charge of all of the above.  The last time one of the men-folk actually bought a present Clinton was in the White House which means that Tina and I are only really surprised by the gifts we get each other.  That’s not very Christmasy.  As for the food, there’s a rather large population in the area which relies on our Great-Grandmother Sarah’s chocolate peanut butter fudge to make it through another year, and this keeps us pretty busy for a couple of days.  I’m pretty sure if Tina was unable to make it; I’d get stoned because the best I can do is fudge soup which tastes better than it sounds or looks.  The problem is that even the food isn’t so very Christmasy for us because…well…we’re a couple of lazy bums.  By the time we do everything else, we’re not about to wash more dishes.  Therefore we take the aluminum, throw-away pan route.  And, as I stood mixing the homemade cornbread stuffing in a giant aluminum, institutional pan, I couldn’t help but feel like a prison matron trying to make the holiday bright.  Again, that’s not very Christmasy. 

The décor is a different story (check out our contribution to Absolutely Beautiful Things’s Christmas Competition in Week 2 link).  We love decorating and I’m usually the first one out dragging Tina kicking and screaming along.  Yes, she and I do that part of the festivities too.  It is my joy and utter happiness.   Just looking at the beauty of our fake trees doused in glitter and doodads makes me melt.  I’d leave them up all year if it weren’t for the whispers from the neighbors as I pass.  (There are a fair amount of Southerners who are trying to outgrow the redneck factor and look down upon those of us who’d like to celebrate all year by leaving up the lights through July.  Party poopers!)  Yes, we do that too, but it’s the one part I don’t complain about.

I’m sure there are a lot of moms out there who feel the way we do.  Surely somewhere there is a support group!  But how do we fix this without killing ourselves with our scalloped-edged aprons and pearls!?!

I’m seriously considering making a New Year’s resolution (my first ever) concerning creating more craftiness and togetherness in my life.  This blog is the first step.  So I’m putting out the call to the rest of you oh-so-hip crafter/bloggers in hopes that the spirit of St. Nicholas will soon be here and follow us throughout the rest of the year (wow that totally rhymed and was very sentimental…must get patent soon).  The idea is to try to do between one and three sentimental (if not Christmasy) short projects each month and post them here.  So please email me (or post a comment) your ideas and/or links.  I’m ready to get started!  J  Thanks!


Spike just showed a commercial with men lamenting women’s menstrual cycles on national television in the middle of the day.  And he fiddled as Rome burned…


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