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My satellite service has been cut off, and on MLK Day!  Where is Kanye when I need him???  M.’s response, “I’m staying in bed.”  My response, “We can have an old-fashioned sing-along and play cards!”  Can you guess that the mere thought of it nearly killed him?  lol 

Naturally, I dragged him out of bed.  He had promised the night before to get up early and help me install a border of dog-eared fence pickets around my bulb bed before it rained.  (The rain didn’t show up until this morning.  Sux to be him, huh?)  It didn’t take long, and we had the entire rest of the day wide open!  Yeah, I was way more enthusiastic about a day at home with nothing but his DVD collection than he was which is surprising considering the amount of Star Trek, MASH, and the Simpson’s involved.  It was a lovely and productive day despite the lack of televised entertainment.  I got my border built; I moved a variegated ivy that had never done well in its previous home; and for the finale, I timed my sewing machine!  Woohoo!  (Yeah like your idea of excitement is so much better!  :P)   

The upside of having no TV is the absolute peace (and having cocoa while watching the old Hardy Boys TV series on DVD).  I actually enjoy being without the noise of it most of the time.  I remember our television going on the fritz when I was about 15.  It spent a week in the shop.  My mother almost had a nervous breakdown (obviously I married my mother…she and M. even watch the same shows).  I loved it.  We played cards and listened to the radio and told stories.  I didn’t want the TV back.  And, I can still remember the look of overwhelming joy on my mother’s face when the shop called to say it was done and the little yelping sounds she made.  She was in the station wagon so fast I almost didn’t see her leave.     

The first day is easy.  It’s the next 2-4 days that may kill us.  But at least Pascal will get plenty of attention.  I was already teaching him a new trick, bowing.  As with most of his “tricks,” it started out as something he did naturally.  In this case, he sometimes stretches in “downward facing dog” which looks like he’s taking a bow.  So I just started saying “bow” every time he did it.  Per usual, I didn’t think of a hand signal until a few days later (right hand palm up sweeping out…just like a carnival barker saying take a bow which is the ultimate image in my head heehee).  Unfortunately Pas is not only smart, he’s strong willed.  How many times has M. said to me, “Why couldn’t we get a dumb dog?”  To which I answer, “Because when your brothers find a $400 miniature poodle at an illegal dump, you take what the universe sends you!”  Bow is taking him a few days to master which is unusual.  I think it’s probably because half of the time he’s just enjoying a stretch and when I start clapping my hands and saying “Yay,” he looks at me like, “What? What happened? Crap, she’s makin’ me do stuff again.”   It must kill him that I finally figured out he was smart. 

That pup had it great for the first week.  M. and I ran him out of computer and TV cords constantly.  Then one day in frustration, I let my PSYC training take over.  I decide to focus on positive reinforcement only.  Pascal moseyed around then he went over to the cords and dipped his head down.  I watched out of the corner of my eye, and he waited a minute.  Then he looked up at me like, “Aren’t you going to stop me?”  That’s when I knew who had really been running the show.  He still does sometimes, but I pay better attention now. 

He is a handful at times.  Had I been going to purchase a mini-poo I’d have probably known that they had been used for centuries for everything from sniffing out truffles to hunting to being the highlight of gypsy carnivals.  These are not dogs for those who want a ball of fur that’s going to go along with them benignly while their owner goes about their business.  I obviously didn’t know what I was doing when I told the universe I had decided I wanted a dog.   

Mind you, I did think it over for years!  I didn’t decide I could do it until my friend Erin spent 3 weeks here with her coton de tulear (a $1500 dog and they named it Bevo…don’t even get me started…I almost fainted when she finally confessed how much he cost).  Then for good measure, the universe sent me an old Army buddy of M.’s who showed up with a sister, a wife, 2 nearly grown kids, and a Husky that went half-way up the walls of the GT.  The horror!  I was getting Husky hair off my house for a month.  But in the end, I knew I could handle a dog and that I wanted a small dog that wouldn’t shed much.   

Both visits went down in July (one after the other).  On August 13, my mother called and insisted I come over immediately and bring M.  I thought someone had died or worse.  Instead, when we showed up my brother, Davis appeared out of the kitchen with the most adorable puppy complete with mohawk.  Apparently, my brothers were out driving the back roads and stopped at an illegal dump to dumpster dive.  As they were leaving, Davis spotted what he thought was a rabbit and made Will stop the truck.  After a great deal of cajoling Pas finally hopped over so Dave could pick him up.  They took him to all the nearby houses (the nearest one was nearly 5 miles away), but nobody claimed him.  The vet still swears I’ve got someone’s dog.   

And, I don’t doubt it.  I figure either he jumped out of someone’s car or he ran off when they stopped and they were tired of chasing him (his favorite game is still Chase Me).  We had been having record 120 degree heat indexes, and if Davis hadn’t found him, he surely would have died.  It was already nightfall when Dave saw him, so whoever lost him wasn’t looking very hard, and the vet immediately saw that he was underweight and had the worst case of ear mites he had ever seen.  Bastards.  They obviously didn’t deserve him.   

Ok, that’s enough bragging/rambling for today.  lol  I’m working on another faux Waldorf doll now that I’ve got one of the sewing machines working (my new EuroPro has a special screw so I can’t time it as easily as I did my aunt’s ancient cast iron Remington).  It’s a star baby inspired by a Simpson’s episode yesterday with Maggie in an orange starfish snowsuit.  The flannel works much better using a tight sewing machine stitch, and I have some thick satin (a scrap from my wedding gown) to make the face.  Maybe by the time, I finish it I will have a decent camera so that I can show ya’ll.   

Ahhhh, life is beautiful!   

(Who the fuck turned on Pollyanna?  There’s sweetness and then there’s sugar shock.  Barforama.  It’s a good thing I only post once or twice a week!) 


Btw, if you’ve got an old sewing machine that’s out of time (the needle is out of alignment and seems to hit the bobbin), there’s a how-to at www.sewusa.com but it only works on the old machines because the new ones usually have to have special tools.


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