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Let me start with why I love Fridays.  Yeah, I know everybody who works loves this last day of the week.  For me, it’s the day of the week when I usually work the hardest because I’m not only doing all of my usual stuff but I’m also on driving duty and doing errands.  It makes me cranky and yes, I am a spoiled bitch princess for loving my boring routine.  In general, I’m one step above being a hermit on any given day.  Fridays I am forced to face the big scary world outside my rabbit hutch and leave Pas alone in the playpen (which sucks most of all as I am forced to hear his whimpering cries of ‘why are you leaving me all alone mommy?‘ as I exit…OK, maybe I do need to get out more).  But I love Fridays for two things NPR on the radio (M. watches only fluff; so this one bastion of news in his life has been a hard pill to swallow) and weird conversations M. and I have about things we never talk about at home. 

Today, the radio station had a story about a Northwestern State University assistant art professor who’s built a raft and is taking it down the Cane River here in Louisiana.  This obviously caught my hermit and crafty/artsy attentions.  It reminds me of those Tammy movies of the 50’s.  Oh how I want her Grandpappy’s house boat!  It’s nice to hear some good news stuck in with the election crap.   

Not that I don’t care about elections.  But I don’t.  I cannot honestly say that I have EVER seen any actual impact on my day-to-day life from any election, local or national, with the exception of Iraq.  Iraq is a pretty big exception.  I knew it would be back when Bush first started bullshitting everyone because I actually cared enough to send a pre-war letter to my congressman telling him that it was bullshit (his answer was something along the lines of “gee thanks for the info…look for the fruit basket” written as he reach for his I-Agree-with-GW pin).  I’m pretty sure it got me put on his kooks list.  But at the time, M. wasn’t even a glimmer in my eye.  In fact, I should probably send GW and Rove fruit baskets because had this war not come to pass, I would never have met M.  I was rather militant, and he used that to guilt me into meeting him to prove that I was against the war and not against soldiers, sneaky bastard. 

I digress. 

As for my second Friday perk, our “driving home conversations” can be odd.  Today, we started talking about what to do once we’re dead.  M.’s main plan is that if we don’t go out together whoever is left behind should join the other one forthwith.  I wanted a more practical answer to the question of what he’d do, and as I thought, he is woefully unprepared for my death.  Seems I’ve given this topic a bit more thought.  (Not that I would think too much about it…nah)  We agree on cremating each other, but the agreement ends there.  I plan to take his ashes and divide them between myself and his family (spread him around so no one complains much).  His plan involves placing copious amounts of his ashes into a vibrator.  I smiled and left out my plans for his hefty insurance policy.   

Do any of ya’ll have interesting plans for your husband’s remains?  Am I the only one plotting for a nice retirement…uh I mean…wondering whatever shall become of life without my husband?


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