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M. called last night to tell me that they finally gave them a release date.  It’s September 15th!  He’s going to miss our anniversary AND his birthday.  Not to mention, that he won’t get paid for this for a while yet.  😦  Unfortunately, he picked the wrong time to call.




Last night, I did dumbass thing #69 of this month.  Pascal plays on our bed for an hour before his bedtime every night, and when he does, I put a cheap blanket down over it to protect our bedspread.  Last night, I threw the blanket up in the air and took out our glass ceiling light shade.  It was super thin and broke into 3 major pieces with lots of microscopic shards.  That wasn’t so much the problem as the hunk of skin it took off of my arm.  Now, I know just what the muscles in my forearm look like.  FYI: It’s like raw dark meat chicken without the skin.  Hey, the title should have warned you!  At first I thought, it had just slit the skin and that Tina and I’d pull it back together.  Tina just went, “Eeewww.” So I started trying to push the skin back together when I realized that a chunk of it about the size of third of a dime is missing.  We haven’t found the tin, and we haven’t found the skin.  I have no idea what a doctor would do in this situation, and since I haven’t any medical coverage or money at the moment and the free clinic in Pineville is out of service because of the hurricane, I did what any twenty-first century hillbilly would do.  I put some Neosporin on it and a bandage.  Unfortunately, my camera was at Mom’s or I could have really grossed you out! 


Oh, and:


Sore boobs + another negative pregnancy test + uncharacteristic mini crying jags over the end of the Montel Williams show = one nutso Honeywine!


My brain has officially turned to mush over the weirdness of my body this month.  I won’t say that I’ve had nausea (ok, I’ve had very slight nausea the way you would when you haven’t eaten in a while, but I’ve been eating).  I will say that things “down there” seem peculiar.  But, until I get something more concrete I’m going to assume 2 things: 


1) I probably don’t have an ovarian cyst because that wouldn’t cause sore boobs.  At least, I hope not. 


2) I’m going to follow my policy of trusting the home pregnancy test until there are symptoms that cannot be ignored.  Sore boobs could be from anything.  Ok, so the crying thing is really strange, but it means nothing. 


I think that was just enough crazy for one day.  Don’t you?

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Another, quick note post! 

On the Hill, we are without power still.  Vernon Parish has only 500 people left without power, and we’re some of those lucky few.  We should have power some time tonight.  YAY!  The work crews missed us when they left about 5pm yesterday!  So, everyone around has power except us!  I’m very annoyed to say the least. 


M. is in New Orleans still, and basically doing nothing but the occasional patrol to protect it from looters.  Yeah…I won’t say what I think about that!  For the record, there are areas a stones throw from us to the East that are seriously hurting and need help with clean up.  But just so long as Nagin and Jindal can pat themselves on the back, I guess we’re good (sarcasm intended!).  They should just change the name of the state to New Orleans Adjacent and get it over with. 


As far as damage, the Ghetto Trailer is in relatively good shape, and I really could have ridden out the storm in it without any trouble.  But, I went to Mom’s because officials insisted that you shouldn’t be in trailers.  Fortunately, the GT has solid steel gurters (I have no idea how that’s spelled) as its foundation, and is extremely well made for a piece of crap.  lol  It’s so heavy that the moving company that installed it almost refused to move it because of the weight.  Apparently, they stopped making trailers with that type of foundation about 1979.  Tell you anything?  lol


Luckily, all I lost was one piece of tin roofing.  I cannot find it ANYWHERE!  And, it’s bugging the crap out of me!  The neighbors haven’t seen it, and we can’t find it anywhere on the Hill!  It must be in the swamp.  So, maybe I can find it come winter when the leaves fall!


Hopefully, I’ll talk to ya’ll tomorrow!  Thanks for the well wishes!  Hugs to one and all!

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Let’s get through the top stress inducing badness thingys, and get on to something more fun blog. 


First, M. is still in New Orleans, and he’s even had his picture taken by Army Life magazine for their online story in a few days (by then I may not have electricity, of course…Will also swears he saw him on camera during a news cast yesterday, but M. said he didn’t notice any tv crews…M.’s usually oblivious though).  He’s safe and keeping in cellphone contact.  Here, we’re just starting to see the rain starting a few minutes ago.  Pascal has been shaved and all my air conditioners are staying on indefinitely (it’s the heat and humidity when you can’t even open the windows because it’s still raining that’s the real downer when the electricity goes out).  The wind is really picking up, but it sounds like the rain is going to be the biggest problem (10-15 inches is projected here at the tip of the hurricane’s path before Gustav hits Texas…it’s still right over our house).  The last time we got rain like that I was 12, and the creek behind the house got so high that it took over the chicken coop.  That was when Will was conceived (Dad had been gone so much hunting at night and working most of the day that Mom knew exactly when Will came along…the rain was all that kept Dad home lol).  Unfortunately, if we get the same thing, my house will have water at its foundation!  Luckily, the ghetto trailer is up on blocks.  So, as long as the ground doesn’t get so soft that the trailer slides off onto the ground, I should be good.  And, yes, I am staying in the trailer during the storm.  I’m used to it, and the way the trailer is positioned, I’ve got some natural protection from winds.  Sure, trailers are in more danger for damage, but they also tend to fall apart easily so you can escape.  Do you enjoy my crackpot theories?  I do.  🙂


The second stress is once again my uterus (well…of course it is!  we’d probably faint if it wasn’t).  I’ll quickly break it down for you because even I’m tired of talking/thinking about it.  As I said in my last post on the subject, the ovulation predictor test went a bit haywire meaning that there is little or no chance that we hit the right moment.  Then came August 27 when I started spotting lightly (approximately 12 days post haywire).  I got ready for Auntie to be about 3 days early, and wasn’t really upset by it since I knew it was nearly impossible that we’d conceived.  Here’s where Auntie decided to get tricky.  At the start of Day 3, I was still barely spotting, and usually by Day 2 I’m pulling out the Super Twins (super tampons and pads…if ya don’t get my drift).  I took a negative pregnancy test, but decided that unless Auntie got with the flow (ha!  I pun!) I wouldn’t use the Clomid (M.’s gone and at the time we had no idea for how long since there was another hurricane behind Gustav…and I’ve not yet replenished my ovulation testers).  Then, Auntie stopped altogether.  Two and a half days of light spotting was all I got.  In fact, I didn’t even get any PMS symptoms of any kind and still haven’t (or pregnancy symptoms since they’re basically the same thing) other than twinges in the ovary and uterus areas and a couple of cravings for fruit which amounts to absolutely nothing.  I took another test today, a day or so past my usual Auntie day, and the test is still negative.  Again, magically, I’m not upset.  I’ll wait around a week and take another test, but if I get more negatives, I may have to try to get to a doctor (there’s a danger of an ovarian cyst).  I have no idea if I can afford it or if one will even be available because of the hurricane and the influx of refugees.  We’ll see.  It would have been kind of cool to get a positive today, and call M. in the heat of Gustav with the best news ever.  But, my life is never that cool.  My big announcements usually end up being very quietly accepted with no fanfare.  Oh well, no biggie.


Now for some GOOD NEWS!  One reason Auntie may have been so flummoxed (other than the wicked Clomid just trying to work in the last pregnancy symptom that I hadn’t experienced to screw with me) is that I’ve lost 6-8lbs since the 16th (depending which scale you believe)!  That’s pretty great considering I’ve cheated my ass off!  lol  I’ve cheated every single day I think, but I’ve been careful to do it on an empty stomach and wait a couple of hours before I eat again.  So, I’m really pleased.  I also have been feeling healthier while downing my baby carrots.


I’ve also got the pics of Tina in the bustier, but I’ve got to load them and reduce them before I can put them up.  So, if I’ve got electricity tomorrow, you’re in for a treat (I’m talking mostly to Ron, of course  😉 )!  I’ll probably also write a review for the Palahniuk book “Diary”.  So, hopefully, more interesting posts to come.

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M. got called up last night (really it was early Thursday) by the National Guard.  They’re preparing for Gustav early apparently.  I’ve been in Louisiana for over 30 years; unless it’s Category 3 or above, I don’t worry one bit.  Rita made us a bit more skittish, but I still don’t go crazy getting ready.  I always stay stocked up on most things, and the worst that can happen is that I fill a bathtub with water.  But, Tina and I are going to stock up for Brian today.  Ugghhh.  I’m not looking forward to it.  People act crazy around here during this crap (too many Yankees!).  So I’ll have to catch ya’ll tonight!


*UPDATE*  If you’ve been here and left a comment in the last few days, I apologize.  I’ve been a bad blogger, and I’m taking tonight and tomorrow to catch up.  Rest assured if you’ve left me a comment, you will get a comment.  And if you make a habit of it (at least a few times), you’ll make the blog roll!  🙂  I think I’m going to try to wear out this dial-up connection until Gustav hits!  Which now will apparently be late Monday/early Tuesday.  I never trust the weather reports until it hits the Gulf.  There are too many factors until then, but they are saying that Louisiana is going to be the bullseye and it will be a Category 3.  I guess M. will get a proper taste of a La. hurricane.  At Cat 3, we shouldn’t sustain too much damage which makes it a good one to cut his teeth on (I think it’s mainly going to be a test to see how the emergency services react…and that’s why they’re starting so early), but there’s always a chance.  Around town most gas stations are out of fuel.  Nearly everyone in Walmart was freaking out and buying reams of water and supplies.  I bought an extra bag of beans and put an extra bottle of water in the freezer.  lol  Can you tell my feathers don’t ruffle easily?  Tina and I are planning to take those pics of the bustier tomorrow.  I’m a little nervous because I don’t trust the weather anymore (thanks global warming), but I’m not too worried.


Oh…and did I mention yet another baby incident.  This one was mostly on me though.  There were of course the requisite cute Walmart babies including the cutest mini-Buckwheat imitator I’ve ever seen!  Man, where is the camera when you need it?  Then Tina sent me down the tobacco aisle for Brian’s Marlboro’s (yuck), and I got stuck waiting behind a young mother with her 2 month old for almost 15 minutes (forever in baby time) while they waited for a price check.  After smiling aloofly (is that a word?) for most of that time as they cooed and fussed over him, I gave up and asked how old he was (I already knew the answer…I know babies).  After the mother answered, the cashier broke in and said, “Do they have more back there?”  I swear that for half a second my adled brain thought, “They sell babies at Walmart.  How much?  I have my credit card if it’s not over…”  Yep, that’s how baby brained I am now days.



**************UPDATE #2**************


M. got to New Orleans at 1:30am this morning.  That’s definitely not helping my stress level.  We’re all prepared here on the hill (well…actually I’m at work right now).  Brian is heading out this morning to pick up a generator and has offered for us to come and stay here.  So, we have some place to go if the heat and humidity post-Gustav gets to be too much for Mom (she’s the only one we really worry about…other than a tree coming down on our heads, and there ain’t much you can do about that!).  The projected path from NOAA sends Gustav right over top of our houses.  Yeah…that’s comforting.  Still, it will lose strength before it gets to us (land will slow it down).  We’re well prepared with plenty of supplies.  Heck, I’ll probably even post tomorrow (I finished that Palahniuk book), and I have more than one stressful thing going on right now.  Tomorrow and Tuesday are going to be very long days of waiting.


Thanks for all the well wishes!  I’ll be in touch with ya’ll before Gustav hits.  When I’m stressed, I clean, and unfortunately, I already have cleaned my house and Brian’s to within an inch of their lives!  So I really have nothing to do but a little laundry and to wait for the next few days.  Bad for my nerves.  Good for your blogs!  lol  Laters!

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