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.The thing about being so consumed with ho’ing and work is that (a) it’s tiring and (b) you don’t have much time to blog! On the upside, the content is a little more interesting I hope. 🙂


.This past weekend was non-stop.


.Thursday I got several calls from Dr. MM’s assistant telling me that 2 weeks from today I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon. Can I get a W00T? lol Ok, so Thursday isn’t the weekend by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s close! I also have appointments the first week of December with Dr. MM and Dr. Chung, my gastric bypass surgeon in Lake Charles. Hmmm…Gig is in Lake Charles too…hmmm…


.Friday morning I was sitting at the Subway inside our local Walmart awaiting an early lunch date with the Deputy. Originally, we had planned to meet at 10am. The night before I sent him an email saying I’d be there between 10 and 10:30 just in case I was a little late. For once, everything fell into place, and I not only made it on time, I was a little early. I was looking fabulous of course, and I sat there texting Gig and Ginger while I waited. Then came 10:15 and no sign of Deputy. I chilled and fended off a few pick-up artists (yeah, apparently they are EVERYWHERE now!). By 10:30, I was a little aggravated, and Deputy was nowhere in sight. I gave him until 10:45 (yes, I am generous like that) and I quit waiting and started shopping for groceries for the weekend. I’ve dated cops before and it’s like dating a doctor sometimes because if something goes down they all tend to converge upon it especially in a small town where not much goes down. Yes, I figured it was something of that nature and I left a voicemail telling him that he’d better have a damned good excuse. I was nearly finished shopping when I got a text from Deputy saying, “Just finished.” To which, I texted, “Finished what?” while I thought to myself, ‘You about finished with me buddy boy!’ He then called explaining that there had been a problem at the jail and they’d had a meeting and didn’t I get his email? No, I did not check my email; I have enough stuff to do in the mornings. However, I told him it was ok that I was still at Walmart and I’d wait for him.


.Once, Deputy finally did arrive things just plain got weird. I never noticed how nervous some men get on a first date. Poor Deputy was about to lose it. lol He was very apologetic about the mix up, and seemed sure that I’d dump him immediately for being almost an hour and a half late. I didn’t, of course, but I did make him sweat it out a little. We headed out to the local steakhouse for lunch and a lot of chatting. Then the weird began. Ok, not so much weird as awkward. During the date, he mentioned getting married and I could see the “whoa I DID NOT mean to say THAT” look all over his face. I honestly forgot how often men go to that place with me, not to mention how quickly. He also repeatedly mentioned the possibility that I would throw him over to go back to my husband usually with a nervous giggle included. Did I mention that this was our FIRST date? We had only had about a week of emails and a couple of phone calls prior to this! The waitress was kind of pushy and brought the check as quick as she could and hovered until he paid it. Since we had gotten the bum’s rush, I suggested we sit in his truck and talk. After all, Walmart had us on video leaving together and I left a detailed description of who I was going to be with that day (a good practice when dating online). We were in the truck all of 10 minutes when he started it up and said something about showing me the Rosepine projects. That confused me a little and I said something about cops always wanting to be on patrol. Then it became very clear. He was taking me home. To his home, that is (I guess he figured if I lived in a ghetto that he must live in the projects…ok lol ). We took a quick tour of the place. He introduced me to his father and then decided to take me down a back road to see the other end of the property. I don’t know if having 911 already dialed on my phone would have helped, but I was about to go there! That was definitely on the weird side. It’s certainly the first time I’ve met the parents on a first date. Fortunately, he wasn’t a serial killer just a very out of practice dater. By the time he took me back to my car, he was pretty smitten. He grabbed me and laid a kiss on me and I have only one thing to say about that: OMG, the WORST kiss I think I’ve ever had, and I’ve dated a lot of dorks! It was like kissing a dying guppy…no…big mouth bass. True, it was not quite as bad as that Sex and the City episode where Charlotte has some guy lick her face, but it was so not good! lol I didn’t make a big deal about it though because he looked like he’d fall into the center of the earth at the first ill word. Instead, I just smiled and told him not to worry about being out of practice (earlier I had said the same thing because he was so nervous and I’m the first date he’s had since he came back to this area 8 mos. ago). He promptly tried to lock down a date for Thanksgiving. ROFL Yep, that’s Honeywine’s dating game! You just never know how it’s all gonna go down! I may see him this week though. I like to give someone a few chances to get it right. I’m such a sucker. lol


.Now, to the incredible news!


.Gig came up this weekend! It was the longest first date of my life. We are incredibly comfortable together which is no shock. He pointed out to me that we had been talking for a month. I seriously did not realize that we had been talking that long. It’s no wonder that it felt as though we had known each other forever. Little revelations were still coming out though. He told me about his baby brother’s death at the age of 12 (Gig was 28 at the time and hadn’t been around much…there were 5 sons and a daughter…wanna guess their religion?). He also told me some things about the Marines including his level of “clearance” which was high enough to see some things that no one should know about (ok, that kind of thing is kind of a turn on…it was the same way with M.’s clearance…being a radio operator, M. had to have a clearance for his Army job…when M. told me about that a year after we’d been married, he totally got lucky…mostly, I kept thinking that maybe he’s not a jerk…maybe he’s a secret agent! lol ). I also got to see Friend when he was showing me pictures on his iPod and his face showed nothing but disdain when I came upon it (I had him point out the one’s he’d actually met and the one’s he was going to meet…there were three in the “met” category…there was only one pic in the “meeting” category and it was mine).


.Everything with Gig has been above board, and it’s incredibly sick that his honesty scares me. It does though. I think I’m falling in love with him. Yes, I’m well aware that I’m thinking of going out with Deputy again, but that has more to do with Gig than with my feelings. Gig is very non-commital or at least he won’t say anything about how he feels about me. If I’m going by his actions, I believe that he feels the same way I do. There is something here, and it could be the best thing either of us has ever found. But, I can’t…ok, I won’t…put my life on hold for him unless he’s willing to do the same. He’s got me twisting in the wind right now. After he left, I got a text from him saying that it would be a while before he could figure this out and that he had to “work out” me being 2 hours away. I thought he might be setting me up for a dumping and I called him. The way he explained himself left little doubt that he’s thinking of asking me to move in with him in the coming months. His eye is on the future and he thinks we have one together. How is that for BIG and SCARY???


.All my talk over the last months about looking at a man’s actions instead of listening to the pretty words is coming back to haunt me. It turns out that at some point you want both. I’m hanging on loosely. And, that means that Deputy may get another date. I want to see my options, but it reminds me of buying my Junior High School graduation dress. I saw that dress in the window and I knew it was the one. I went into the store and tried several others before I’d even take a closer look at it, but the minute I put that dress on, I knew it was right. I just got my first look at Gig, but I already know it’s going to be all or nothing with us.


.Well folks, I may not get to blog as much as I used to but hey, the content isn’t too shabby, right? lol Now, I know I’ve been doing a great disappearing act around here lately. There just isn’t enough time in the day when it takes 3 hours on dial-up to catch up with ya’ll. Fortunately, I’ve taken the entire week at Brian’s except for Wednesday in order to let Tina have time off to get things done at Mom’s. This should also allow me to catch up with every single one of you! I miss ya’ll. 😦 Today it’s raining and Brian’s dsl goes out in the rain. So here I am just a few minutes from leaving and I’m desperately trying to get this to load. If you see it, I’m successful and am hoping for dry weather and loverly dsl tomorrow! I’ll catch ya’ll then!




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